The Last March


In Brazil, extreme Metal bands appear every time. Maybe due to our hard reality, under […]
March 15, 2014
Warcursed - The Last March album cover

In Brazil, extreme Metal bands appear every time. Maybe due to our hard reality, under a violent siege every single day can be a determinant factor for this phenomenon, and another good name arising from these tropical lands is WARCURSED, coming from Campina Grande, Paraíba, and now showing a more mature work with "The Last March", their second album.

As commonly seen in Brazil, they make a mix between Thrash and Death Metal, technical on guitar riffs and rhythmic basis, but with extreme vocals (harsh voices with some low grunts), and some good harmonies here and there, with sickening solos. Besides this formula is used many times before, their own personality arises from every song, full of energy and aggressive to the point of breaking teeth.

Having Victor Hugo Targino producing the album, doing the mix and mastering, it's not a surprise that their music really has a strong and aggressive grasp, sounding massive and strong, but not tearing apart the clear sound, so it's loud, distorted and clean.

Their finest moments: the kick in the face "Superior Tyranny" (excellent riffs), the abrasive "The Last March" (more mid tempo, with heavy drumming), the fast and charming "K.I.Y.", "Deathmachine" (a well worked shrapnel of good riffs, intense as Hell), and "Temple of Decay" (with few melodies arising here and there in the middle of sound of sound).

Very good band, indeed, so hear it, buy it, and bang 'till death!

8 / 10


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"The Last March" Track-listing:

1. Intro Curse
2. Superior Tyranny
3. The Last March
4. K.I.Y.
5. Renegades from Hell
6. Deathmachine
7. Symptoms of Decay
8. Temple of Destruction
9. Legacy of Violence

Warcursed Lineup:

Jean Sauvé - Vocals, Bass
Dudu Evsb - Guitars
Richard Senko - Guitars
Marsell Senko - Drums

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