Action Space Battle

War Gods of the Deep

There are many fans of Marvel and DC heroes now due to the films. Sorry, […]
September 20, 2019
War Gods of the Deep - Action Space Battle album cover

There are many fans of Marvel and DC heroes now due to the films. Sorry, the cinema never got the real feeling of reading a comics magazine for hours. It wasn't only a matter of good stories, but fine graphic arts as well. And for those who knows the works of the master Jack Kirby (especially on New Gods and The Eternals ages) will have a surprise when dealing with the cover for "Action Space Battle", the first full length of WAR GODS OF THE DEEP. The music is based on a form of Hard Rock/Glam Metal mixed with Heavy Metal, like fusing musical influences from names as KISS, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, QUEEN and many others into the heart of The Source, and it gives you back a musical work that sounds melodic, heavy and really charming. And besides such music isn't something that the listeners never heard before, it really is very good and shows personality.

The sound quality of "Action Space Battle" is good, clean and with defined instrumental tunes that can be heard and understood clearly, but always with an organic feeling giving that good dose of musical weight that is essential. So the listener will have a good experience. And the artwork of the album deserves to be commented: it really reminds the works of Jack Kirby, a long time gone pencil master who made wonderful works with Fantastic Four, Avengers, Captain America, New Gods and many others, and his pencil style influences many artists (in a comparison, Jack Kirby works for comics are like BLACK SABBATH albums are to Metal).

Musically, the listener will be presented to an actual look into old genres of Metal and Hard Rock. And the tender and deep melodic feeling that fills "Transmission", the Power Metal approach of "Sons of the Serpent", the organic and charming energy that flows from "Beautiful Oblivion", the 10 minutes epopee called "The Machine", the silk aggressiveness that comes from "Light of Your Soul", and the accessible, nasty and catchy "Burn the Misery" are the band's best shots, although the entire album is a good experience. But on the next coming, the vocals need some improvements (they're good, but could be better).

Hear "Action Space Battle" at the loudest volume, or face the judgment of the Celestials given by Arishem and executed by Exitar.

8 / 10









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"Action Space Battle" Track-listing:

1. Transmission
2. Sons of the Serpent
3. Life Coach
4. Beautiful Oblivion
5. The Machine
6. Done
7. Light of Your Soul
8. Burn the Misery
9. One of Us
10. Horizon

War Gods of the Deep Lineup:

Rikk Currence - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards Programming

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