Olympian Dystopia

Walk With Titans

As the Canadian scene had a 'boom' during the first half of the 80s, many […]
June 14, 2023
Walk With Titans - Olympian Dystopia album cover

As the Canadian scene had a 'boom' during the first half of the 80s, many great names arose and showed that the country had a strong Metal scene. But from the second half of the 80s on, it's hard to see an expressive new name coming from there, even now, with modern technologies and internet platforms to hear music. It's hard, but not impossible, as shown by the Canadian quintet WALK WITH TYTANS on their first album, "Olympian Dystopia".

They work in a form of Power Metal with tons of influences of German School. In other words, that way with fast double bass drumming, thin high-pitched vocals (besides Jonathan shows a very ample range on his singing, from low to high tunes), sharp and melodic guitar riffs, hooking choruses and a solid playing on bass guitar. But even working with some clichés of the genre, they work in a form that makes things new, refresh the senses and it's full of energy. Of course they have enough potential to build great songs and hits in the future, but their level on "Olympian Dystopia" is really great, high above the norm of the genre as it's presented today.

Louis Jacques and Nick Maugy (both band's guitarists) worked on the recording sessions (except for the vocals, done by Jonathan Lefrancois-Leduc), with Francis Gagné taking care of the mixing and mastering. All to create a sharp and clean sound quality that enables the hearers to hear and understand what's being played, but always with the weight given by the instrumental tunes' choice; and what a lovely artwork for the cover created by the Brazilian artist Jean Michel. And along with the session drummer Martin Plante (of LIVA), the band had another guest: Renato Osório (of FIGHTERLORD, KEEP THEM BLIND and MAGICIAN, former HYBRIA guitarist, and a known producer) on the guitar solo on "Gift of Fire".

The band's musical work can mature a bit more to extract of their hearts the best they can, but's not easy to hear songs as "Herakles" (a heavy and abrasive song with excellent melodies, charming keyboards parts and amazing 'kiskean' vocals), "Edge of Time" (a fast and insane song with many melodic hooks, good keyboards giving the right ambiences for the conjuration of remarkable riffs, arrangements and solos), "Gods of the Pantheon" (if these melodic hooks can't reach your hearts, you're really dead), "As Titans Fall" and "Lost Ways" (both shares common elements, as some Hard Rock touches in the middle of the rhythmic shifts, guided wisely by bass guitar and drums' playing), "Final Dawn" (this one brings some older elements of Power Metal from the 80s, and again excellent vocals), and the energetic and fast "Seven Against Thebes" and to not like their work and give band effusive applause, because they really deserve it. Yes, they still have to find a way to use their full potential, but they're not far from it.

"Olympian Dystopia" is an excellent work, and you must keep your eyes to WALK WITH TYTANS' music!

8 / 10









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"Olympian Dystopia" Track-listing:

1. Herakles
2. Edge of Time
3. Gods of the Pantheon
4. As Titans Fall
5. Lost Ways
6. Final Dawn
7. Gift of Fire
8. Lost Paradise
9. Seven Against Thebes
10. Eurydice

Walk With Titans Lineup:

Jonathan Vezina - Vocals
Louis Jacques - Guitars
Nick Maugy - Guitars
Lydz Grondin - Bass
Martin Plante - Drums (session)

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