Race of Time


If an old Metalhead could find Aladdin's lamp and had the right to ask the […]
August 10, 2023
Vypera - Race of Time album cover

If an old Metalhead could find Aladdin's lamp and had the right to ask the djinn three wishes, they would be the following:

1. To go back to the 80s;
2. To stay on a time loop between 01/01/1980 and 12/31/1989;
3. To live in the USA or Europe with money.

It's nothing uncommon, because the 80s were incredible years to live in and enjoy, with feelings and sensations, adventures and sadness that are in the mind of all those who lived those days (including this writer). But to tender the wounds (of not being on the 80s anymore), there's a trend on Europe to bring back (with a modern and actual outfit) Hard Rock, Glam Metal and AOR; and the Swedish quartet VYPERA is one of them, as depicted on "Race of Time", the band's second album. They play a hooking and melodic form of Hard Rock/Glam Metal that is full of energy and plenty of influences of Heavy Metal (something similar to JUDAS PRIEST), with some abrasive touches (inherited of AC/DC's touches), a and even some old days Rock 'n' Roll elements (as the backing vocals in a THE BEATLES' trend as heard on "Riding on the Wind"), a  fine combination done by acts as DOKKEN, VAN HALEN, RATT, TWISTED SISTER, SCORPIONS and others in such way.

The names written are just references, because the quartet has a strong and young personality pulsing on their songs, always with charming melodies that are easy to understand and absorb, and it's impossible to resist to this album! Ced (in reality, Cederick Forsberg, the guitarist of BLAZON STONE and a known producer) again is working with the quartet, creating an idea of continuity on the sonority of "Race of Time": it sounds actual and full of energy, ferocious and alive, but in an organic form, as it's free of without endless digital editions. And Ced plays lead guitars as guest, with David Åkesson (a skilled classical singer and singing teacher) making the backing vocals.

For the older Metalheads, this album will bring many good memories; for the younger, it'll be a fascinating experience. For both groups, it's impossible to resist songs as "Hey You" (a true Hard 'n' Heavy song, with excellent vocals and contrasts between clean and energetic moments, and what a catchy chorus), "Riding on the Wind" (a bit more accessible, with melodies that are easy to sing along, but the guitar riffs and arrangements are great), "Mary Jane" (another song with elements of Glam Metal and Heavy Metal being mixed, with a strong rhythmic work of bass guitar and drums giving the right sustain), "Stormwind" (a deeper and melancholic ballad-like moment that entangles the hearers), "Vicious" (the combination of an organic weighty with definition helps to the energy flow from this song easily), "No Place for a Dreamer" (a heavier and climatic song with moments full of groove, but without losing Glam Metal melodic appeal), "Trying Hard to Run Away" (another one with an accessible outfit, without losing the band's natural way, and it's really charming", and... Stop right there and try all the songs! This album is really homogeneous as it's catchy!

As final words: VYPERA really has music to become a leading force in their musical genre scene (and in the world, not just Sweden!), and "Race of Time" is proof of such words...

10 / 10









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"Race of Time" Track-listing:

1. Hey You
2. Riding on the Wind
3. Mary Jane
4. Stormwind
5. Vicious
6. No Place for a Dreamer
7. Trying Hard to Run Away
8. Fool's Game
9. Speedin'
10. Daytona
11. Slave to Love

Vypera Lineup:

Andeas Wallström - Vocals
Christoffer Thelin - Guitars
Andreas Andersson - Bass
Johan Pettersson - Drums

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