During the 80s, bands of Latin America and Spain had the habit to using their […]
May 25, 2023
Voltax - Ardentis album cover

During the 80s, bands of Latin America and Spain had the habit to using their mother language to the lyrics, which can sound a bit weird for Metal fans sometimes (only those that aren't into Black Metal, where it's common for bands to use lyrics on their own language), but bands as OBUS, BARÓN ROJO, RATA BLANCA and many others had appeal in their own countries due this fact. And it's used by the Mexican quintet VOLTAX on their fifth studio album, "Ardentis". Their musical work is a form of Old School Heavy Metal that has reminiscences of 80s Heavy Metal early days, especially with acts as JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, IRON MAIDEN and others as influences. It flows with energy, as well as sounds alive and fresh, sometimes as fast as light (as heard on "Hasta Que Reine El Silencio"), sometimes slow and oppressive (take a bit on "Abismo" to check what these words mean), but always expressive and impacting.

It means that even with an Old School Heavy Metal approach, the band's music is hooking and has an appeal that's hard to resist to. The best to say: if you're a Metalhead that loves the past formulas, for sure you'll love VOLTAX's music. The band states that 'this album was recorded live without clicks and metronome' to 'capture the essence, energy and power' of their music (only with vocals and keyboards being recorded separately). And it was produced by the quintet, having the mixing of Felix Fung and the mastering worked by Jesús Bravo. Such choice made things sound hollow sometimes, and the tunes of the drums aren't as good as could be (and deserved to be). And even not being a total loss, it lacks the weight their music really deserves.

On the songs, no one can complain about their work (strangely, it's the first time they chose to write a full album with Spanish lyrics, excepted by "Indestructible"), it's really great, as stated by songs as "Hasta Que Reine El Silencio" (what a fast song with excellent great guitar riffs and solos, and it's not better due the lack of weight on the drums), "La Bestia Interior" (the speed decreases, but the weight and melodic side of the band's music are better exposed, with a very good playing on bass guitar and drums), "Abismo" (an eight minutes-long song based on slow paced sets of rhythms, but with some faster moments and a great singing on the vocals), "Liturgia Eterna" (a song made of contrasts between introspective parts with heavier moments, a cliché of the 80s that worked wonderfully in their hands), "Sentencia" (an abrasive and faster song, again with aggressive guitar riffs and melodic duets), and "Indestructible", what means an album that can earn the quintet more fans.

"Ardentis" is really what its title says: a burning and heavy release that is really full of honesty and passion. So taste for yourself what VOLTAX is offering to you.

8 / 10









"Ardentis" Track-listing:

1. Hasta Que Reine El Silencio
2. La Bestia Interior
3. Abismo
4. Liturgia Eterna
5. Sentencia
6. Guardián De Las Eras
7. Ardentis
8. Indestructible

Voltax Lineup:

Jerry - Vocals
Victor - Guitars
Diego - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Héctor - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Andy - Drums

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