Sometimes, to have a deeper idea of what a band is about or to understand […]
March 30, 2023
Viscera - Carcinogenesis album cover

Sometimes, to have a deeper idea of what a band is about or to understand deeply what it stands for, the best for the listeners is not to stay entangled in conceptions, labels and ideas, but to hear it careful and with patience. It's boring to hear people saying that 'Black Metal with keyboards isn't true Black Metal' or 'Deathcore isn't Death Metal', or anything in these ways. Again: never give attention to Metal 'priests' and 'shepherds', but stay true to your own, so use the experience of hearing before say that something is good or not. With this in mind, one can have a clear and deep idea of what the UK based quartet VISCERA is about with "Carcinogenesis". The band works on a technical approach into Deathcore ways, but bearing tons of influences of Groove Metal and Metalcore into the mix, and many more (as some Progressive Metal clean vocals heard on "Rats with Wings" and "Layers of Skin"), as the ears can check.

Obviously, the breakdowns, the low tunes and greasy guitar riffs, the massive and brutal rhythmic storm of bass guitar and drums that are usual for the genre are here, but in a personal way of the quartet. It's aggressive, full of energy and really charming, but you better beware: it bites painfully! The band brought Justin Hill to work as producer (who previously worked on the recordings of their past album, "Obsidian") and Simon Pietroforte to make the mixing and the mastering, and they hit the target: the sonority is greasy and abrasive as modern Metal genres usually sound, but with a massive weight and defined to a point that no one can complain that isn't understand what's being expressed.

This album can stomp your bones into dust easily, and it's a very good release to hear and enjoy, especially the fans of modern tendencies in Metal. But for begin with it, the right ones are "Carcinogenesis" (it can sound as a simple Deathcore song if one doesn't pay attention to the technical arrangements and rhythmic shifts, and bass guitar and drums are really playing in great shape), "Rats with Wings" (what lovely melodies and clean vocals are heard in the middle of the brutality of the song), "Layers of Skin" (the Death Metal essence of Deathcore becomes evident in some guitar riffs of this song, and what lovely melodies are heard of the guitars as well), "Omnipotence" (a massive storm of breakdowns guided wisely by an excellent drumming), "Lex Talionis" (what lovely ambiences can be heard, witch charming contrasts between melodies and brutality, and all built upon a fine technical work of the musical instruments, with contrasts between grunts, screams and clean voices), and "On Earth as It is in Hell". But you must take care with your ears!

"Carcinogenesis" is a very good release, and the fans of modern tendencies in Metal must hear the work of VISCERA for sure.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Carcinogenesis" Track-listing:

1. Carcinogenesis
2. Rats with Wings
3. Layers of Skin
4. Resolver
5. Omnipotence
6. Sungazer
7. Lex Talionis
8. Demon Queen
9. On Earth as It is in Hell

Viscera Lineup:

Jamie Graham - Vocals
Adam Bell - Guitars
Charlie Michael - Guitars
Alex Micklewright - Drums

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