No Child Left Behind


In these days where the trend on metal is to bring back the 80's metal […]
April 6, 2015
Viking - No Child Left Behind album cover

In these days where the trend on metal is to bring back the 80's metal sound, of course we have two good things coming with it: the first is that some new bands are not just copying what was done, but breathing new life on it, and the second is the reunion of dead bands that have too many to offer to us, but due the lack of the interest on them and the economic reality of those days, went to the grave too soon. And one of the names of those times that really was the North American quartet VIKING, that is back since 2011, and finally, deliver to us their third and excellent album, "No Child Left Behind". And let me tell a thing: these guys are here to tear apart and to teach the "Dolly" metal clones how to play!

They play thrash metal in the same vein of Bay Area, of course, for they are from Los Angeles, on the East Coast, but they got a tine, but evident, hardcore/crossover influence, maybe something from SOD. But it doesn't matter, because their way of making music is really refreshing, nothing moldy or out of date. No, VIKING is back for the attack with six-strings axe in hand, playing as they usually do since the 80s, but not to remake something. These guys are up to do something really new. Ron is playing his guitars and singing like a bear again, and Justin plays his solos with inspiration. But on rhythmic session, two guys that don't need presentations: Mike Gonzalez on bass and Gene Hoglan on drums, the rhythmic kitchen from DARK ANGEL, so you'll better watch out for your neck. But I don't really know what happened that Matt Jordan, their drummer and one of the band's founders didn't record the album. But it doesn't matter: the quality is high!

The sound quality is very good, in a fine work done by Ron. All instruments are clear and heavy, in their due places. It's enough to their songs sound like a mammoth passing near you, shaking the earth.

But be prepared for their savage thrash metal attack on tracks like "9:02 On Flight 182" (very fine guitar work here), "Blood Eagle" (a hardcore tempo song, with great work done on bass and drums), the well worked "An Ideal Opportunity", the powerful "Eaten By A Bear" (no reference to Ron's, please. But his voice here is great, a true bear singing!), and "A Thousand Reasons I Hate You". But the entire album is perfect.

80s metal clones, hear this album and learn how to do things properly, and with personality.

Welcome back, VIKINGS!

10 / 10


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"No Child Left Behind" Track-listing:

1. 9:02 In Flight 182
2. By The Brundlefly
3. Blood Eagle
4. Debt to Me
5. An Ideal Opportunity
6. Eaten By A Bear
7. Wretched Old Mildred
8. A Thousand Reasons I Hate You
9. Helen Behind the Door
10. Burning from Within

Viking Lineup:

Ron Daniel Eriksen - Vocals & Guitars
Justin Zych - Guitars
Mike Gonzalez - Bass
Gene Hoglan - Drums

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