After the coming of the musical experiments that created all Black Metal subgenres during the […]
February 3, 2021
Vermineux - 1337 album cover

After the coming of the musical experiments that created all Black Metal subgenres during the first half of the 90's, many of them or just disappeared or had died. One of those that is drowned into the depths of underground scene is the mix between Black Metal with Dark Ambient music. But once in a while, we can hear a new band of such genre, as the North American one man band VERMINEUX. "1337" is the band's second release, and it's another Demo.

The band's music, an expression of Spectre's personality, follows a path between the harsh and crude Old School approach on Black Metal with Dark Ambient elements and some traces of a deeper and intense melancholy. Yes, this formula isn't as usual as it was in the past, but it's always a very good experience to hear, and this band has potential (besides its music doesn't sound something really new). Spectre did the recording, and the mastering was done by Patrick Hills. And it shows a crude and harsh approach, similar to that same one used back in the past. But for a Black Metal fan, it won't cause problems, because the songs can be understood.

The band's talent is evident on songs as "Bloodlines" (a morbid and oppressive song in the Old School format, with harsh vocals), "Cotereaux" (the funeral ambience created by the guitars is really very good), "Oriflamme" (a brutal and pile-driving song, with good work on bass guitar and drums), and the mix between deeper atmospheric parts with aggressive moments of "Chevalerie" (a very good use of guitars with melodic solos) are the best ones. But for Black Metal fans (especially the older ones), this Demo will have a strong appeal.

Maybe the future will say what VERMINEUX is about, but "1337" creates a question for the fans: why hasn't the band released an album?

8 / 10









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"1337" Track-listing:

1. Valois
2. Bloodlines
3. Cotereaux
4. Oriflamme
5. Crécy
6. Chevalerie
7. A Ship is Burning (Sol Invictus cover)
8. Plantagenet

Vermineux Lineup:

Spectre - All Instruments, Vocals

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