Back in the 90's, a model of band gained popularity into Metal scene, especially in […]
January 2, 2021
Verlust - II album cover

Back in the 90's, a model of band gained popularity into Metal scene, especially in the emerging Black Metal scene: the so-called one man bands. As everyone knows, BATHORY was seen as that and the first Black Metal band focused solely on one member (besides Quorthon always stated that someone played the drums on the albums), but soon came BURZUM, and many others. Still today, some people use such format to express their musical ideas. One of them is from the North American band VERLUST, from Hawaii, and that comes storming with "II".

The musical efforts of J results on a form of Black Metal that is deeply rooted on that model used on the 90's, on the early days when the genre was getting back after a long time away from the spotlights (and the genre was considered dead after many bands migrated to Thrash Metal in 1986 and 1987). It's nasty and oppressive in a classic way, but as well has some avant-garde touches in many parts, but even in such old musical way, the things works in a pretty good way.  It doesn't sound new, but it's good. The sonority of "II" is based on the same format of the past: crude and dusty, using simple instrumental tunes as well. But things were done in a way that the listeners can understand what is being played during the entire album. For those that know Black Metal and understand the genre, it's a good work done on the production.

The nasty ambience with morbid feeling of "Vision of a Mighty Serpent", the funeral appeal of the melodies on "Mountains" (very good guitars, indeed), the classic Black Metal outfit of "Promethean Fate" (this songs shows elements near of what DARKTHRONE and SATYRICON used back on the classic Black Metal early days, especially on the simple harmonies used and work from bass guitar and drums), the bone-flatting tempos of "A Sword Turned Towards Heaven", and the morbid and Old School Black Metal elements of "A Door into Emptiness" are the best ones for a first visit on J's musical work.

Of course, VERLUST still have more to express in the form of music, because its personality and potential didn't show their peaks on "II". But it's a matter of time and maturing, because its music is very good.

8 / 10









"II" Track-listing:

1. Introduction
2. Vision of a Mighty Serpent
3. Mountains
4. Promethean Fate
5. A Sword Turned Towards Heaven
6. Deep Dark Waters
7. A Door into Emptiness
8. Outro (Farewell)

Verlust Lineup:

J - Vocals, All Instruments

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