Northern Gothic


There's nothing wrong when you are doing an old fashioned style. No, nothing against it, […]
January 3, 2016
Vederkast - Northern Gothic album cover

There's nothing wrong when you are doing an old fashioned style. No, nothing against it, but as Big Daddy here always says (or writes): you must blow a new life on it, because you can't clone other bands' works. It's robbery, you know. But there are times when some bands shows on music what I mean on words. And the Norwegian quartet VEDERKAST really shows what my words are saying on their musical work we hear on "Northern Gothic".

Yes, these guys are really into my ideas. They play an oiled and thunderous Hard Rock in the same way we heard from the middle of the 70s, but they use a hooking melodic sense to create their songs. They put some life into their work, and do not try to sound as the idols from the past, but on their way. And their music is heavy and thunderous, but with a strong melodic influence and a bluesy touch here and there."Northern Gothic" was produced by Yngvar Mehus and the quartet itself, and Yngvar did the mixing and the mastering as well. The sound is heavy and organic, but without that boring tries to sound as a band from the 70s. Their sound quality is into a modern outfit, clear and heavy as it must be.

Their nine songs are very good, indeed. But the heavy and technical "Skirmish" (that has very good changes between introspective and violent moments, along with fine bluesy vocals and very good work from the drums), the ferocious and bitter combination of guitar riffs hear on "Malison" (but pay attention as their eclectic musical influences gives a different taste to the song's melodies), the tender and intense "My Burden" (one of their finest moments, with very good and hooking melodies and nasty drumming), the very good bass arrangements we can hear on the aggressive "Leave Them Behind", the abrasive and oiled sound of "Forget Me Not" (that contrast with some ethereal introspective moments), and the very good work from rhythmic session that is presented on the excellent "Meliora".

They are really, really pretty good.

8 / 10


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"Northern Gothic" Track-listing:

1. Skirmish
2. The View
3. Malison
4. My Burden
5. Leave Them Behind
6. Into the Unknown
7. Forget Me Not
8. Meliora
9. Remain

Vederkast Lineup:

Paul-Rene Aronsen - Vocals & Bass
Finn Fodstad - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sindre Bakland - Guitars
Magnus Tornensis - Drums & Percussion

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