Söhne der Sonne


When having a brainstorm, the weirdest ideas can be born. In a time when creativeness […]
April 27, 2019
Vargsheim - Söhne der Sonne album cover

When having a brainstorm, the weirdest ideas can be born. In a time when creativeness becomes a rare item, some bands still shows the need to have a musical work that only them can do, because it comes from the heart and soul, not from the need to play something that is already over. And the Germ trio VARGSHEIM shows that they have guts and personality enough to do things on their own way, as "Söhne der Sonne", their fourth full length, is here to state. Their music could barely be described as if MOTÖRHEAD could rise from its grave and play Black Metal. But it has some darkened melodic and introspective moments. So this description is to show that this trio knows how to play Black Metal into a filthy Rock 'n Roll way, showing a creative power that is rare. And their music really sounds filthy and great to the senses.

"Söhne der Sonne" was recorded, mixed and mastered by the hands of Nikita Kamprad, who created a sound quality that allowed the trio to express themselves musically with a filthy sound, but clear and comprehensible. Yes, it really bears the weight and aggressiveness as well, and the instrumental tunes were chosen wisely.

"Individuum" is where their Black 'n' Roll influence becomes clearer due the organic filth and way down rhythm (but pay attention to some introspective parts); the faster parts of "Scheiterfeuer" shows very good and aggressive guitar riffs, and the slow moments are nasty and catchy; the nasty slow rhythm of "Söhne der Sonne" shows excellent darkened melodies along very good snarls from vocals; the bitter "Staublunge" is amazing due its sharp riffs; "Feuerteufel" has the same raw energy of MOTÖRHEAD on its slower tempos; and "Vom Horizont Gefallen" has some excellent melodies, again with a good work on rhythmic session. And although the entire album is excellent, these ones are the best to blast your ears off! VARGSHEIM really shows an excellent work on "Söhne der Sonne", and I hope these three guys can stay on the road for many years!

10 / 10









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"Söhne der Sonne" Track-listing:

1. Individuum
2. Scheiterfeuer
3. Söhne der Sonne
4. Staublunge
5. Blutmond
6. Feuerteufel
7. Athenas Kuss
8. Töchter des Mondes
9. Vom Horizont Gefallen

Vargsheim Lineup:

Kaelt - Guitars, Vocals
Harvst - Bass, Vocals
Naavl - Drums

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