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Female bands are becoming more and more visible in the worldwide scene of Metal and […]
October 18, 2019
VA Rocks - I Love VA Rocks album cover

Female bands are becoming more and more visible in the worldwide scene of Metal and Rock. There are a lot of new all-female bands in the scene, and some are creating excellent musical works (BURNING WITCHES is one of them). But the Swedish savage trio VA ROCKS is really excellent, as "I Love VA Rocks" is here to show. They play a crude, nasty and melodic form of dirty Rock 'n' Roll, in the vein of names as MOTORHEAD, GIRLSCHOOL, AC/DC and others, but with a special and personal feeling. It's spontaneous and crude, but without losing the melodic ascent, with a pretty easy musical technique, excellent choruses, fine hooks, very good vocals. And even some old Punk Rock influences can be detected in some parts, given the band's musical work a great dose of energy. Yes, their music is pretty good, and doesn't sound outdated.

The sound production of "I Love VA Rocks" focused efforts to create something that could simultaneously be filthy, clear, aggressive and melodic at the same time, and they got it. Yes, the charm of their music resides in the fact that they recorded with modern techs on studio, but kept the organic easy feeling that their music needs. The amazing melodic energy of "No More Fucks to Give" and "The Code of the Road" (both with very good easy melodies and nasty guitar riffs), the slow and nasty Heavy 'n' Roll called "Woman" (very good work on bass guitar and drums), the crude melodies of "Rebel Blood", the catchy savage touch of "Hit the Road" (it shows a Rock 'n' Roll/Punk Rock feeling that is amazingly hooking, a great chorus and very good vocals and backing vocals), and the unexpected ballad "Never in a Million Years" are the best moments of the album, but it is excellent from the beginning to the end.

These girls really have musical talent, and with "I Love VA Rocks", they seem to conquer more fans. Yes, they're pretty good, so give a chance to yourself and hear what VA ROCKS has to offer on their music.

8 / 10









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"I Love VA Rocks" Track-listing:

1. NMFTG Intro
2. No More Fucks to Give
3. The Code of the Road
4. Gonna Get You
5. Woman
6. Rebel Blood
7. Hit the Road
8. Romeo & Juliet
9. Here Comes Trouble
10. Never in a Million Years

VA Rocks Lineup:

Ida Svensson Vollmer - Guitars, Vocals
Klara Wedding - Bass, Backing Vocals
Frida Rosén - Drums, Vocals

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