Twisted Path to Mutilation


If someone could travel back to 1991 or 1992, and ask Death Metal fans of […]
February 3, 2021
Unfleshed - Twisted Path to Mutilation album cover

If someone could travel back to 1991 or 1992, and ask Death Metal fans of those days what band would be a model for the genre in the future, many would say that MORBID ANGEL would be the name, others would state that ENTOMBED or DISMEMBER. But besides the talent, no one would say that CANNIBAL CORPSE would be such name. But today, is easy to understand the reason: they're a Death Metal AC/DC, because they hold on to their way as no band did. And they became an influence for many bands, as for the Portuguese quartet UNFLESHED, as can be heard on "Twisted Path to Mutilation".

It's their first full length, so the band's music is still crude and spilling blood. It's brutal and oppressive in a traditional Death Metal way, but with some very good technical approach in many parts, contrasting fast oppressive tempos with bitter slow moments. It's obvious that they catch influences from DEICIDE and IMMOLATION as well, but without being a copy. It's obvious that they still have to mature, but they're in the right way. The sonority that was constructed for "Twisted Path to Mutilation" is good, being brutal and oppressive, but in a way that is defined (to make things clear for the sake of the ears of the listeners). But some instrumental tunes could be better chosen (as the snare drums).

Twelve acts of violence are inflicted by the quartet, but "Cadaveric Intercourse" (the good guitar riffs and solos are clearly influenced by Jack Owen   and Rob Barrett), "Cannibalistic Homicide", the bone-crushing tempos of "Covered in Shit Drowned in Piss" and "Shotgun Fellatio", the noising riffs of "Everlasting Insanity" are the best ones. And as a bonus for the fans, here are all the songs from their first EP, "Exhuming the Bastards", released in 2000 (yes, they're an experienced band), that are "Divine Moslestation", "Ripped from the Inside", "Stabbed Full of Mayhem", "Inherently Dead" and "Plagued by Inveracity", and they allow the listeners to hear how the band is loyal to their music.

As said above, "Twisted Path to Mutilation" shows that UNFLESHED needs to mature a bit more. But they have potential to do so, and for now, this album is very good to destroy necks!

8 / 10









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"Twisted Path to Mutilation" Track-listing:

1. Cadaveric Intercourse
2. Cannibalistic Homicide
3. Lingering Sore
4. Covered in Shit Drowned in Piss
5. Shotgun Fellatio
6. March to the Slaughter
7. Everlasting Insanity
8. Divine Moslestation
9. Ripped from the Inside
10. Stabbed Full of Mayhem
11. Inherently Dead
12. Plagued by Inveracity

Unfleshed Lineup:

César - Bass, Vocals
David - Guitars
Zé - Guitars
Hugo A. - Drums

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