Meaning Of Death


Sometimes, old Metalheads tends to miss old times and some epochs and sounds from it. […]
October 21, 2013
Uncaved - Meaning Of Death album cover

Sometimes, old Metalheads tends to miss old times and some epochs and sounds from it. But in Brazil, I have no trouble with it, for some bands really recue old feelings and sounds, trying to build a way for them, and UNCAVED, from Rio de Janeiro, is one good name, and with their "Meaning of Death", for sure they reached their musical aim.

First of all, I must say that they really don't do anything new, but still it is an honest and very good work, heavy, intense and as brutal and harsh as you can think, mixing musical influences from Floridian and Swedish Death Metal scenes, so, brutality is certain. Extremely low tunes grunts, harsh and aggressive guitar riffs, bass and drums weighting heavy as Hell, and all of these elements gathered together gave body to a raw and destroying way of making a distorted and gruesome music.

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not the best we could expect, for sometimes it's too intense and brutal that the sound became confused, with the instruments entangling one with others. No, for sure you can hear them all the greater part of time, and let's have in our minds: it's a self-released work, and here in Brazil, the things are nasty, no matter what Dilma can say about the country's economy. And the artwork is simple, but efficient, showing an old drawing of the Middle Ages of Peter's crucifixion.

As the highlights of the CD, we can point to "Head on a Platter" (with some fine slower moments, where bass and drums show their techniques), the well worked and brutal "Cerebral Gangrene" (pay attention to the good vocals works and insane guitar riffs), the beat down and heavy "Leeches All Over My Body", and a fine and good version of DEATH's "The Philosopher", with the special guests of VICTMS OF WAR, and the song gained a more raw and aggressive shape (besides the technical aspects are the very same).

A good revelation, indeed, and can be a strong name in the extreme scene in the future.

8 / 10


"Meaning Of Death" Track-listing:

1. In Times of the End
2. Head on a Platter
3. Cerebral Gangrene
4. Meaning of Death
5. Leeches All Over My Body
6. Vengeance is Mine
7. Heaven Denied
8. The Philosopher (Death Cover)

Uncaved Lineup:

Joab Farias - Vocals
Carlos Alberto - Guitars
Eddie Valentim - Bass
Robson Cruz - Drums

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