The longer the time a band exists, the nearer it is to its end. It's […]
April 20, 2019
Uganga - Servus album cover

The longer the time a band exists, the nearer it is to its end. It's a conception that means that it will collapse one day, being a consequence of time itself, or due the pressures and external facts on the life of one (or more) members. But the internal struggles can make a band stronger, and that's the case from Brazilian sextet UGANGA. After the release of the bad emotions done on the DVD "Manifesto Cerrado", they're back with "Servus", their new album.

To label their musical work merely as Thrashcore isn't fair. Each of the band's members has a different and ample musical set of influences that is thrown into a massive boiling cauldron that results in their unique musical approach, with different genre of music contributing to build the band's identity. And on "Servus", after all the distress they passed, the band sounds solid as a rock, but in a coherent way. This album shows an amazing amount of energy, and a mix between aggressiveness, melodies and technique that will bind the listener. It's an album easy to love. Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely on Brazil, the sound quality of "Servus" is excellent. The band sounds aggressive, organic and crude, but always with an excellent clarity level in a way that isn't possible to understand what they're doing. And the set of instrumental tunes used are simple, like plugging and playing their instruments without endless editions. That's the secret of their music.

"Servus" is their finest álbum to date, and "Servus" (a Thrashcore/Crossover song with some "Sabbathic" moments and intense energy, with catchy guitars and great vocals and backing vocals on H.C.N.Y. way), "Medo" (another Hardcore song in the way of New York, with a crude energy flow from its melodies), "O Abismo" (this is a slower and longer song, with excellent melodies, and with guitars showing influences from BLACK SABBATH in some parts, Southern Rock on others), "Hienas" (a mix between Thrashcore and Crossover with some parts influenced by Death Metal and moments with Rapcore percussions), "7 Dedos (Seu Fim)" (a massive song influenced by English Hardcore from the beginning of the 80's, but with some modern Metal/Hardcore moments), "Lobotomia" (the purest energy of Brazilian Hardcore School pulses on this song, a version of the sextet for the legendary band from São Paulo LOBOTOMIA), and the experimental songs "E.L.A." and "Depois de Hoje..." are the ones that shows that a long life awaits for UGANGA.

Another great album from Minas Gerais Thrashcore gang!

10 / 10









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"Servus" Track-listing:

1. Anno Domini
2. Servus
3. Medo
4. O Abismo
5. Dawn
6. Hienas
7. 7 Dedos (Seu Fim)
8. Couro Cru
9. Imerso
10. Lobotomia
11. Fim de Festa
12. E.L.A.
13. Depois de Hoje...

Uganga Lineup:

Manu Joker - Vocals
Murcego González - Guitars
Christian Franco - Guitars
Thiago Soraggi - Guitars
"Ras" Franco - Bass, Vocals
Marco Henriques - Drums

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