Eurocaos Ao Vivo


Alive albums are historical inside Metal scene, but nowadays, some of them, due overdubs and […]
December 22, 2013
Uganga - Eurocaos Ao Vivo album cover

Alive albums are historical inside Metal scene, but nowadays, some of them, due overdubs and all other studio modern techniques; they obliterate the "alive" feeling. But UGANGA, a Brazilian Thrashcore band, kicked them away and made of "Eurocaos ao Vivo" a true live album.

Recorded on European tour on 2010, where the band played in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain, focusing on songs from their third CD, "Vol. 3: Caos Carma Conceito", but this album have some surprises for the fans.

Recorded live at Razorblade Festival, Datteln, Germany on September 18, 2010 (tracks 1-8), and at Side B Lounge Live Club, Benavente, Portugal (songs 9-10), the live feeling is presented with no studio technique, it's fully alive (Let's be candid: Oliver Okunneck must had a very hard time capturing the songs alive), with no remakes or overdubs, having better moments in "Asas Negras", "Meus Velhos Olhos de Enxergar o Mal (2 Lobos)", "Fronteiras da Tolerância" and "Zona Árida", but there are two surprises: the versions for SEPULTURA's "Troops of Doom" and SARCÓFAGO's "Nightmare" (where Manu "Joker" played drums on the 90's), but them both are fine with the Thrashcore spirit from UGANGA.

But we have the studio songs "Não Desista" from Brazilian Heavy Metal forefathers STRESS (the first Brazilian band to record a Heavy Metal album, back in 1982), and "Desespero" from the HC band PASTEL DE MIOLOS, both fine versions and good homages. And a more experimental song, "Antwerpen Dub", a track the shows a courageous band.

And closing the package, we have three videos: a documentary for the tour, done by Eddie Shumway, and the official videos for "Fronteiras da Tolerânia" and "Meus Velhos Olhos de Enxergar o Mal (2 Lobos)".

A big present for Metal fans, that precedes "Opressor", their new album the will be released on 2104.

10 / 10


"Eurocaos Ao Vivo" Track-listing:

1. Kali-Yuga
2. Asas Negras
3. 3XC
4. Meus Velhos Olhos de Enxergar o Mal (2 Lobos)
5. Sua Lei, Minha Lei
6. Zona Árida
7. Fronteiras da Tolerância
8. Van
9. Troops of Doom (Sepultura Cover)
10. Nightmare
11. Não Desista
12. Desespero
13. Antwerpen Dub

Uganga Lineup:

Manuel "Joker" Henriques - Vocals
Christian Franco - Guitars
Thiago Soraggi - Guitars
Ras Phael Franco - Bass
Marco Henriques - Drums

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