In times of darkness like this one world is living due the rise of neo […]
June 15, 2022
Tyrannus - Unslayable album cover

In times of darkness like this one world is living due the rise of neo fascist political tendencies, one must understand that the deeper ideological core of Rock 'n' Roll is to stand up to them. Metal inherits such antifa load, and if one can't reckon the reason, one must leave the genre aside, because racism, fascism, macho culture and conservative ideas naturally opposes to what this form of music is (did someone forgot how many times we are called devil's worshippers by them?). And it's excellent to hear to the very good musical work of British TYRANNUS, as shown on "Unslayable", and to check that they're opposing all the shit described above.

Their music can easily be described as form of Old School Black/Thrash/Death Metal with refreshing and different creative influences (the technical approach in some moments reveals some extreme Prog Metal touches, as on the landscaping oppressive Jazz influenced parts of "The Flood"). Yes, these guys show a musical work different from the usual due their personal influences, and with a personal touch that permeates all their songs. It's really great to hear a band working in such way, breathing life on what was eroded by time. Scott McLean worked on the recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, and as producer along with Caitlín Smith. The band uses an organic outfit on the sonority, to be something simple and crude, but using wisdom to breed something that can be understood easily, and it fits on what they created. And there are some guests on the album: Amaya López-Carromero on additional vocals on "Break the Will of Evil", Nick Waller on backing vocals on "It Taketh", "Unslayable" and "Light the Last Sun", and Scott McLean on the keyboards.

Their music will really cause pain in the ears of the fascist (due the lyrics of the band having such themes), but "A Worse Reality" (a darkened and strong Black/Thrash Metal song with an abrasive ambience and empowered by brutal guitar riffs and gloomy solos), "The Flood" (another Black/Thrash Metal song, but filled with excellent melancholic Jazz influenced parts, where the technical work of bass guitar and drums can be heard), "It Taketh" (this one shows an Blackened Death Metal set of elements, with the aggressiveness of the song tempered with very good arrangements and good snarls of the vocals and sinister melodies), "Unslayable" (another set of fiery melodies and guitar's arrangements can be heard, with some keyboards giving an eerie feeling to the fan), and the darkened Black Metal hooks of "Light the Last Sun" and "Break the Will of Evil" (some clean vocals can be heard on this one) are hard to resist.

Yes, TYRANNUS really shows a great work on "Unslayable", so listen to the album and enjoy. But if you're a fascist/conservative, this album isn't for you (and to be honest, Metal is not for you).

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Unslayable" Track-listing:

1. A Cruel Dream
2. A Worse Reality
3. The Flood
4. It Taketh
5. Lake of the Undying
6. Unslayable
7. Light the Last Sun
8. Break the Will of Evil

Tyrannus Lineup:

Callum John Cant - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers
Alasdair Dunn - Drums, Percussion
Alistair Harley- Backing Vocals

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