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For those who study the evolution of Metal genres schools for countries they're arising, it's […]
January 12, 2019
Twilight - Twilight (Reissue) album cover

For those who study the evolution of Metal genres schools for countries they're arising, it's obvious that some countries have personal features that can't be found in any other one you can think of. An example is the North American Black Metal school, for it is filled with Old School Thrash Metal and Death Metal influences. And on the quintet TWILIGHT's work it's clear, especially on "Twilight", their first album that is being reissued now.

It's brutal, fast and crude to the bone, maybe reminding ancients from USA Black Metal as BLOOD STORM, with clear influences from Old School Thrash Metal (obviously names as SODOM, DESTRUCTION and SLAYER) and from Nordic Black Metal as DØDHEIMSGARD on "Monumental Possession" era. The band has its own personal touch, but what is heard on this album (the original year of its release is 2005) needs some improvements, for it's not above the same level of countless bands all the readers listened before. Even on 2005, this album would sound a bit dislocated from their due time (would be late for the year).

Honestly, the sound quality is terrible. It would fit on a work released on the earlier years of SWOBM, even on USA. But for 2005, it sounds moldy and crude beyond the right point. The guitar tunes are like it comes from a mini radio from late 7'0s. The album can be understood, of course, but it's not a fair work for their music.

Musically, their music can't be compared with other USA Black Metal bands, because they were just beginning. If it lacks originality, it has a great energy, and "Exact Agony, Take Life" (a Black/Thrash Metal song that really reminds the Old German School in some parts, but with good drumming), the morbid slow parts of "Larval Liaise" (very good keyboards' parts gives support to the funereal atmosphere), the brutal and fast "White Fire Under Black Text" (bass guitar can be heard here, playing thunderous and heavy), "Hopeless Etheride" with its fast tempos and good vocals, and the fines slow rhythm of "Swollen Voices in Silence" prove their talent. It was just a matter of maturing the songs.

TWILIGHT's "Twilight" is re-released to be a reminder that this quintet lived in this land, and it's good for a first album. Good, but nothing more than that.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Twilight (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Woe is the Contagion
2. Exact Agony, Take Life
3. Larval Liaise
4. As the March of Worms
5. Winter Before
6. White Fire Under Black Text
7. Hopeless Etheride
8. Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)
9. Swollen Voices in Silence

Twilight Lineup:

Imperial - Vocals, Bass
Hildolf - Guitars, Vocals
Malefic - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Azentrius - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Wrest - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, E-bow

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