Lost Tapes Vol. 1


If you still don't know what TRAPEZE was about, this album offers you a fine opportunity to do so. HEAR IT N-O-W!
February 1, 2024

TRAPEZE is a cult English band of the late 60s, early 70s, known for the future of its members: Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, HUGHES/THRALL, Gary Moore, BLACK SABBATH and others), Mel Galley (WHITESNAKE), Dave Holland (JUDAS PRIEST), and others. They’re one of the early Hard Rock bands that deserved a better amount of commercial success, but music business isn’t far, and they became a cult act until the band was gone into glory. But “Lost Tapes Vol. 1” is here to show what they got. As expected from such old group, it’s a blend of Hard Rock with Blues influences, but with many different traces, as the Soul/Funk touches, but as this release is a compilation (it’s a recollection of previously unreleased songs of the band that were compiled by Tom Galley), it covers a timespam from the 70s until the band’s end in the 90s, all the material shows evolutions and shifts (sometimes more heavier, sometimes more bluesy and funky) they experienced during all their 30 years of existence.

But such fact doesn’t take out the shine and preciosity of this release. This compilation shines as a diamond. These tapes were at the hands of Tom Galley, and he (along with Tony Perry, TRAPEZE’s manager) put all these things together, in agreement with Mel’s dying wishes. It’s obvious that something was done to improve the sound and adjust things, but all preserves the feeling of the time of the recordings. It sounds actual, fresh and organic.

On the 14 songs of “Lost Tapes Vol. 1” will depict a powerful and energetic form of music that would be a cornerstone for acts as EXTREME, LIVING COLOUR and RED HOT CHILLI PEPERS in the future, the fusion of Hard Rock and Funk (not that gross noise coming from Rio de Janeiro’s slums, please), and songs as “Cool Water” (a Rock ‘n’ Funk song filled with slides on the guitars and powerful singing), “Lover” (another song filled with Soul and Blues touches and a monumental work from bass guitar and keyboards), “Breakdown” (a weighty song with heavy guitars and a singing full of emotions), “Don’t Let Them Push You” (a typical Hard ‘n’ Roll of the 70s, again with excellent guitars and fine drumming), “Destiny” (rich in charming melodies and great keyboards parts contrasting with the guitars), “Lights of Tokyo” (a short and heavy song, again with excellent vocals), “So In Love” (a lovely and bluesy ballad, again with a fine explosion of emotions given by the vocals), “Bad Kid from School” (a massive and heavy Hard Rock song with refined arrangements)… Hey, what do you think you’re doing to not listen to “Catching Up On You”, “Do You Understand”, “Enough is Enough”, “You’ve Got It”, “Who Do You Run To” and “Going Home” as well?

With all the contrasts between the time span given on “Lost Tapes Vol. 1”, the fans will understand why TRAPEZE is an important name to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as well. And such a rescue deserves a second volume as well.

10 / 10









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"Lost Tapes Vol. 1" Track-listing:
  1. Cool Water
  2. Lover
  3. Breakdown
  4. Don’t Let Them Push You
  5. Destiny
  6. Lights of Tokyo
  7. So in Love
  8. Bad Kid from School
  9. Catching Up On You
  10. Do You Understand
  11. Enough is Enough
  12. You’ve Got It
  13. Who Do You Run To
  14. Going Home
Trapeze Lineup:

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