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Red Skies And Dead Eyes


Norway is now a great warehouse for all kinds of Metal bands, and not only […]
December 9, 2013
Tombstones - Red Skies And Dead Eyes album cover

Norway is now a great warehouse for all kinds of Metal bands, and not only for Black Metal and other extreme styles. And as a proof of that, another good band comes from those frozen lands: the trio TOMBSTONES, with their fourth album, "Red Skies and Dead Eyes".

A pure and heavy dose of Stoner Metal is what awaits you all, for the band is very oiled and melodic, but intense and hard as hell, with some good melodies, and long songs, in a way that reminds CORROSION OF CONFORMITY.

A very oiled production, for we can hear them very heavy (hear the bass guitar and you'll understand what I say), making all instruments sound like in the 70's, but not sounding as dated as it was supposed to be. And a nice artwork is what I see in the cover art.

If you're fan form short songs, keep away, for their 6 songs last for more the six minutes every one of them, but to those who are fans from Stoner music, for sure can find here a good name.

The highlights: the heavy and diversified "King of Daze", the heavy and sinister "Obstfelder" (that reminds us all from earlier BLACK SABBATH albums), the more melodic and catching "Red Skies and Dead Eyes", and the charming "Demon Cave".

Very good name, and for sure will keep all Stoner fans "stoned" in their music.

8 / 10


"Red Skies And Dead Eyes" Track-listing:

1. Black Moon
2. King of Daze
3. Obstfelder
4. The Other Eye
5. Red Skies and Dead Eyes
6. Demon Cave

Tombstones Lineup:

Bjørn-Viggo Godtland - Guitars, vocals
Ole Christian Helstad - Bass, backing vocals
Jørn Inge Woldmo - Drums

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