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Since Metalcore and other modern Metal genres arose from the underground, the reactions were mixed […]
January 26, 2019
To An End - Redefine album cover

Since Metalcore and other modern Metal genres arose from the underground, the reactions were mixed between Metalheads: the older ones labeled them as "fashion", the younger ones loved it. The right way maybe is to recognize their value as an evolution of Metal that can have bad and good bands. And playing in such new ways is the Melbourne quartet TO AN END. And they released their first album last November, and it's called "Redefine".

It's a modern mix of the most accessible elements of many modern Metal genres, with the right amounts of weight, melody and aggressiveness. The growls and screams are not used as it's usual on these veins, preferring to use a more melodic insight for their music with some influences of METALLICA (on "Metallica" era, to be precise) in some parts as well. We can say that their musical work (that is very good, using the right technical insight and with great energy flowing from the speakers) is in a vein similar TO AVENGED SEVENFOLD, STONE SOUR and DISTURBED, but with personality. The sound quality of "Redefine" is very good, balancing the right quantities of musical weight, aggressiveness and melodies, but always guided by the idea that the listener must understand what the band plays and wants to show. And although it could be better, it's truly very good, with a wise choice for the instrumental tunes.

There are 11 very good songs awaiting the fans on "Redefine", but for a first time on it, "From Grace Into Demise" with its charming melodies and powerful guitars, the thunderous and modern groove that "Fracture" has (and what a very good work from the vocals), the excellent modern and catchy melodies of "We Are Infinite" (that features Chris Clancy), the abrasive touch on "Hear No Evil" (where Chris Amott appears as guest), the catchy chorus of "Left Untold" (and some broken tempos, a courtesy of the good work made by bass guitar and drums on the album), and their funny and heavy version for "Digging the Grave" (an old FAITH NO MORE, here presented with a modern and heavier outfit). But the entire album is very good.

TO AN END can offer more than is presented on "Redefine", but they can be labeled as a revelation of the scene.

8 / 10









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"Redefine" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. From Grace Into Demise
3. Fracture
4. Wasteland
5. We Are Infinite
6. Hear No Evil
7. Out Of My Hands
8. Left Untold
9. New Prescription/Old Addiction
10. Digging the Grave
11. Open Season
12. Collide

To An End Lineup:

Al Gammie - Vocals
Matt Turner - Guitars
Yiorgs Sgourakis - Bass
Shane Evans - Drums

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