Inverse Rapture


The mix between influences of Death Metal, Doom Death Metal and Grindcore isn't a new […]
March 16, 2023
Tithe - Inverse Rapture album cover

The mix between influences of Death Metal, Doom Death Metal and Grindcore isn't a new thing at all, because even in the years of the first half of the 90's many acts did it without the intention of doing it (what means that things were more spontaneous back them). Today, many bands are doing it in a personal way, and the North American trio TITHE shows it on "Inverse Rapture", their second album. Their musical work is brutal, nasty and aggressive, sometimes using fast and aggressive rhythms, on others they prefer to use some slow set of tempos, nasty and hooking instrumental parts with nasty shrieks in the vocals (a clear influence of Black Metal into their music).

It seems that they are developing things in a personal way and kicking aside limits, because some darkened melodic basting appears (another influence of Black Metal and can be heard clearly on some parts of "Inverse Rapture"). It's aggressive and tough, but full of many hooks and hard to resist to. So be prepared to be hooked! Fester (please, no jokes with The Addams Family) is the producer and the one who mixed the songs, leaving the mastering to Adam Gonsalves. The final result is very good, for it sounds aggressive but understandable, but bearing a rough aesthetics that turns things even more tasteful for the fans.

The album shows 7 very good songs, but the right ones to have a clear idea of what this trio is able to do are "Anthropogenic Annihilation" (very good rhythmic contrasts between slow and fast parts, with a massive and solid playing of bass guitar and drums on both moments), "Inverse Rapture" (another song thing the fast-slow contrasts, but with some darkened melodies in some parts, and what a catchy set of guitar riffs), "Demon" (an almost Grindcore song, short, fast and nasty as Hell, and it's filled with very good shrieks and simple technical work), "Killing Tree" (if one have doubts about the Black Metal touches in the trio's music, this song is enough to show them, especially on the contrasts of the vocals' tunes and intense rhythms in an old MAYHEM-like way), and "Luciferian Pathways of the Forked Tongue". But this set is just for the first time on the album, because on the second, you'll be enslaved by their music for sure!

To listen to an album as "Inverse Rapture" today is a surprise, but TITHE seems to be a band that aims for such a thing.

8 / 10









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"Inverse Rapture" Track-listing:

1. Anthropogenic Annihilation
2. Inverse Rapture
3. Demon
4. Parasite
5. Killing Tree
6. Luciferian Pathways of the Forked Tongue
7. Pseudologia Fantastica

Tithe Lineup:

Matt Eiseman - Guitars, Vocals
Alex Huddleston - Bass
Kevin Swartz - Drums

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