Apathy Chasm

Tides Of Sulphur

A mix between Old School Death Metal and Grindcore with a living energy!
November 2, 2023

When a Death Metal act mixes the genre with Sludge Metal nasty approach (with or without the slow paces on the rhythms), be prepared to deal with something that makes the ears whistles for hours. This mix isn’t as usual as some can think and only a few like to play such thing. But there are good releases presenting such combination, and one fine example of it is the UK- based trio TIDES OF SULPHUR, and here they are with their second full-length, “Apathy Chasm”. The band uses a nasty and filthy approach inherited of Old School Death Metal (in the way of those bands with British Death Metal DNA as BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, MEMORIAM, CANCER and others) with the filthy and nasty elements of Sludge Metal (but pay attention: they don’t use only slow tempos), and some Grindcore elements (as heard on the piledriving attacks and nasty riffs of “Blame Thrower”).

It’s a bit different from the usual, but always with energy, personality and that really can surprise many fans of both genres, because they don’t are afraid of surprising the fans (or to turn their brain into a blood mass of bloody shreds). The trio hired Steve Walker (who worked previously with DREAMSLAIN and SKREAMER, what means that he is a young professional into Metal scene, what can mean that a new vision was used on the production) who worked in the production, mixing and mastering. He did something different, because even making things nasty and raw (due the instrumental tunes used on the recordings), he created something that makes the understanding of what the band is playing easier. It’s really a very good work, indeed.

Musically, the work shown on “Apathy Chasm” is very good, showing a band that has a lot of to offer (even needing a bit more maturing). They’re really creative, as can be heard on “Anxiety Veteran” (a fast song with many Death Metal traits, but with a nasty outfit, and what very good work on bass guitar and drums can be heard), “Ruined” (where the band uses very good slow tempos with a greasy appeal, but what good guitar sets of riffs and arrangements), “(If the Earth is Flat Then Why is My Life Constantly Going) Downhill” (some tempos resembles Grindcore traits of the second half of the 90s), “Blame Thrower” (again the Grindcore side of their musical work becomes in evidence, and the use of contrasts between shrieks and grunts was a wise choice), and “Open the Vein”.

“Apathy Chasm” shows a work of a band that doesn’t is afraid of showing what its members have in their hearts. So be prepared, because TIDES OF SULPHUR are here to stay.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Apathy Chasm" Track-listing:
  1. Anxiety Veteran
  2. Ruined
  3. (If the Earth is Flat Then Why is My Life Constantly Going) Downhill
  4. Disgruntled
  5. Summer of Snakes
  6. Blame Thrower
  7. Open the Vain
  8. Nazinsky
Tides Of Sulphur Lineup:

Chris Bull - Vocals, Bass, Noise
Anthony ‘Snake’ O’Shea - Guitars, Vocals
Tom Lee - Drums, Backing Vocals

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