Since the arrival of the bands from SWOBM (Second Wave of Black Metal) in the […]
January 20, 2016
Thyrgrim - Dekaden album cover

Since the arrival of the bands from SWOBM (Second Wave of Black Metal) in the beginning of the 90's, a great commotion happened. And now, almost 25 years of those days, there are some fans and bands that miss that peculiar epoch. And as always, many bands with members that grew up hearing classics from the style as "The Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", "The Shadowsthrone", "Under a Funeral Moon" and "In the Nightside Eclipse" are trying to bring some of that old and morbid musical feeling back. Of course it's truly difficult, because that old style lies in the past, on those days when Black Metal seemed to be a menace to society, but efforts of bands like the German quartet THYRGRIM are something to date, as we can hear on "Dekaden", their latest album.

All the musical elements from those times are on their music, but with a strong and vibrant personality. Yes, their music sounds morbid, intense, darkened and strong, sometimes harsh and fast, other ones slow and bitter, but always with very good musical arrangements, and not cloning any master from the earlier years of the 90's. They are creating something from their own, and besides their focus cannot be called the newest thing on Earth, it's very good in the way it is.

Their sound quality is the raw quality from the very good works on the style, that same that allies a raw and aggressive sound with a sense of clearness that the fans must have to comprehend the band's musical work. We can say that the fans from Black Metal in the rawest way will like it, and those ones from other extreme Metal styles will have no problems in dealing with "Dekaden".

Songs as the bitter and harsh "Dette er Tysk Svart Metal" and its very good and darkened tempos, "Die Hölle ist Hier" (these guys really know how to use their creativity to build very good harmonic structures. Pay attention to their morbid riffs and the tempo changes), the bitter morbid tempos heard on "Zeichen Deiner Schwäche" (with a fine work done by bass and drums), the very good rhythmic changes presented on "Hass" (that begins fast and thunderous, but soon becomes slow and darkened, showing very good shrieked vocals), the slow aggressiveness that "Der Weg" (with some clear guitars that are fantastically laid on this bitter song, again showing a fine work on vocals) and "Gezeiten" (with disturbing morbid riffs) present, and the dynamic on arrangements heard on "Wenn es Schneit" are the albums best moments. But it is entirely good, and doesn't make our ears tired.

Very good album indeed, and took my mind into a time travel...

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Dekaden" Track-listing:

1. Dette er Tysk Svart Metal
2. Die Hölle ist Hier
3. Die Seuche Mensch
4. Zeichen Deiner Schwäche
5. Hass
6. Interlude
7. Der Weg
8. Gezeiten
9. Sterbend II
10. Wenn es Schneit

Thyrgrim Lineup:

Kain - Vocals
Freytod - Guitar
Irrsinn - Guitar
Berath - Bass

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