The Helm of Awe


To express how the Metal scene was in the USA between the years of 1980 […]
October 29, 2020
Thrust - The Helm of Awe album cover

To express how the Metal scene was in the USA between the years of 1980 and 1985, the main idea could be like a Big Bang: of course some indicative names as BLUE OYSTER CULT, RIOT, THE RODS and others appeared and laid the foundations of North American Metal School, but the mix of elements from these names, along the energy from British Metal bands (especially from JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN) with the taste of North American musicians for hooking melodies and technical refinement created the US Metal formula that is used by names as OMEN, BITCH, ARMORED SAINT, TYRANT, MALICE and many more. And THRUST, a titanic name from those days, is back for a new attack with "The Helm of Awe", their latest release.

All the elements described above about what US Metal School is about can be heard on their music. Obviously that hooking choruses and charming melodies can be heard, but along a mastodonic weight that can break bones. There is a personal insight on creating harmonies and a very good technical level, but it's amazing to see a veteran like them unleashing such energy. So the first conclusion about "The Helm of Awe" is that it's that they aren't looking for a retirement, but are alive and savage as they were in the past, so turn it up at the loudest! The album's sonority was conceived to have a modern definition on musical instruments, but keeping a massive smashing weight. Even a dummy that is not interested in Metal can understand what they're musically expressing, but it sounds hit 'n' heavy, in a way that some beginners must understand how the things truly are.

Prepare for the assault, because these guys are willing to smash your bones and crush your spines with Metal. The catchy heavy and aggressive melodies of "Black River" (very charming chorus based on a massive dose of weight from bass guitar and drums) and of "Blood in the Sky" (the tempos and guitars shows the same old and good features of US Metal), the epic feeling that flows from the harmonies of "Purgatory Gates", the darkened and introspective of the semi-ballad "Killing Bridge" (where the vocals shows its talent, using very good contrasts between low and high tunes), the melodic heavy hooks of "Battle Flag", "The Traveler" and "Crucifixion" (great guitars on them), and the young energy that flows from "Helm of Awe" are proof of a band that is still alive and that has a lot of to offer to Metal fans.

THRUST is here, so lock up your parents in the closet, turn on "The Helm of Awe" out loud, and prepare to see the riots on your neighborhood!


10 / 10









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"The Helm of Awe" Track-listing:

1. Black River
2. Blood in the Sky
3. Purgatory Gates
4. Still Alive
5. Killing Bridge
6. Battle Flag
7. Ghost in Me
8. The Traveler
9. Crucifixion
10. Helm of Awe

Thrust Lineup:

Eric Claro - Vocals
Ron Cooke - Guitars
Angel Rodriguez - Guitars
Ray Gervais - Bass
Joe Rezendes - Drums

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