Converging Parallel Worlds

Throne of Thorns

WOW, what a great Symphonic Power Metal release, and it's different from the usual!
June 21, 2024

After the rise of Symphonic Power Metal in the 90s, many acts relied on a simple musical formula, and many clones arose using the same thing. Few are courageous to do things on their own after such formulas become concreted, because fans get used and (as a phenomenon of the past 20 years) don’t want to know new bands with different ways. But paying such price, the Belgian quartet THRONE OF THORNS comes with “Converging Parallel Worlds”, its first release.

It’s a form of Symphonic Power Metal, but trying to use neoclassic Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal and Hard Rock influences as well, There are moments when the band has resemblances with FATES WARNING and QUEENSRŸCHE (as heard on “Storm Maker” and “Atomic Retribution”) die the elegant and aesthetical refinements, on others names as ICED EARTH at its best, and HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN, GAMMA RAY and others.

Their music is melodic and full of charming hooks, grandiose and dramatic, heavy and filled with personality and weight. What are you expecting for? The band hired Guy Vercruysse for the production and mixing, and Jacob Hansen for the mastering, resulting in a huge, defined and impacting sonority that has all the Symphonic Power Metal elements, but showing a brutal weight on the guitars. And the artwork of Harley Velasquez is a perfect package for the must that is into it.

“Storm Maker” (a heavier and dramatic song with catching melodies and fine arrangements acts like a presentation card, with contrasts with fast and climatic tempos), “Atomic Retribution” (it’s impossible to not applaud the beauty and careful arrangements from keyboards and guitars), “Black Diamond” (a giant one with many contrasts and it’s filled with an energetic and melodic hooks, and a piledriving work on bass guitar and drums), “Converging Parallel Worlds” (prepare for rhythmic shifts, from aggressive moments to grandiose melodic moments, and what great guitar solos and amazing vocals), “Underworld” (wow, what dramatic appeal this one has, filled with charming keyboards once more) and the long “Fire and Ice” are all that you must hear as homework to be introduced to THRONE OF THORNS music. And be thankful for that!

“Converging Parallel Worlds” is a wonderful release that makes fans become attached to THRONE OF THORNS’ work. It’s better to surrender…

10 / 10









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"Converging Parallel Worlds" Track-listing:
  1. Rise (instrumental)
  2. Storm Maker
  3. Atomic Retribution
  4. Black Diamond
  5. Converging Parallel Worlds
  6. Underworld
  7. Throne of Thorns (instrumental)
  8. Fire and Ice
Throne of Thorns Lineup:

Josey Hindrix - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Thomas Jethro Verleye - Guitars, Bass
Wim Rotthier - Keyboards, Piano
Baruch Van Bellegem - Drums

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