A very good surprise is this Heavy/Power Metal quintet from Spain with its new EP.
April 24, 2024

Although the ample accessibility of musicians to digital recordings technologies (what made the recording of albums and EPs easier than in the 80s and 90s) created a flood of many bands with weak musical works, there are many unknown bands working in a very good level. It’s a matter of hearing and having patience to not jump songs after some seconds of music (a habit that many acquired in the late years of the past decades). And to Power Metal fans (a genre that’s truly eroded), the Spanish quintet THERAGON shows some surprises on “Lumina”. The works on studio created a sonority that respects the Heavy/Power Metal models, sounding clean and defined, but with a very good dose of distortion (what inputs a rough touch of aggressiveness to the songs, especially on the guitars). It’s truly a very good work, because everything is clear to the ears.

The EP depicts a Heavy/Power Metal heavily influenced by the German School of the genre (especially HELLOWEEN), but without that caustic speed that we are all used to hear on the releases of such ways. There’s a touch of Neoclassic Hard Rock due the presence of very good orchestrations of the keyboards (not working just to create a melodic ‘curtain’ for the songs, what’s usual), and the melodies do not present intricate arrangements, just the needed. Of course the band’s music can be better, but the quintet is on the right way.

The EP opens with “Heartbound”, a melodic and tender song that resembles what HELLOWEEN did on “Keeper… Part II”, with very good contrasts created by vocals and backing vocals (Ferran’s voice has a clear Spanish accent, what some can consider a problem, others will think it’s great, but it fits on the band’s music), being followed by “The Bird that Cannot Fly”, another excellent song filled with beautiful melodies and a hooking chorus (and what excellent keyboards and guitars parts). On the sequence comes “We All are One”, with very good catchy melodies and rich in a care on the arrangements that is hard to hear sometimes (again with excellent keyboards and guitars), and “In Valentia” (another piece focused on simple melodies, with great work on bass guitar and drums), who brings a kind of feeling that resembles the culture of Valencia (the city that was freed and defended by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, A.K.A. El Cid, a hero of the region).

As final words, it must be said that if “Lumina” depicts what THERAGON usually delivers, it’s a band that all the Heavy/Power Metal fans must know!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Lumina" Track-listing:
  1. Heartbound
  2. The Bird that Cannot Fly
  3. We All are One
  4. In Valentia
Theragon Lineup:

Ferran Quiles - Vocals
Alejandro Ibáñez - Guitars
Hèctor Palanca - Keyboards
Enrique García - Bass
Joan Andreu Quiles - Drums

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