21st Century Love Songs

The Wildhearts

It's very usual to see people believing that when one speaks about a Rock or […]
December 12, 2021
The Wildhearts - 21st Century Love Songs album cover

It's very usual to see people believing that when one speaks about a Rock or Metal genre, they paint a one dimensional figure, or in other words, that a specific genre has only one musical expression. This a wrong idea, because things in music are, in reality, multidimensional, the reason for many different musical expressions into one musical genre. There are forms of Hard Rock that entwine with Glam Metal and other forms of music to have a different form of music. And this is the case of the English band THE WILDHEARTS, a band that's active since 1989, and that's back for another round with "21st Century Love Songs".

Well, their music is a nasty mix between elements from Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal and Rock 'n' Roll. It bears a nasty and modern energy, along with classic melodies and hooks all over the albums' songs. The instrumental is strong and easy to be understood, and the vocals are very good as well. So be prepared, because they're here to conquer you all, and with such energy, they're able to do such thing for sure! Dave Draper is the one who produced "21st Century Love Songs". It's amazing the work on the sonority, because it bears a massive weight and distorted organic touches, but in a modern way that makes things have sense and gain life.

Musically, the quartet presents a personal form of music that is hard to resist to, especially on the modern "21st Century Love Songs" (a massive and catchy Hard Rock with very good melodies contrasting with aggressive moments, and that is permeated by very good guitars), the charming and accessible approach used on "Remember These Days" (very good vocals and backing vocals, and a lovely chorus) and on "Splitter" (this one has a bitter and nasty taste, improved by simple guitar riffs), the sensible and expressive "Sleepaway", the groovy and nasty accessibility of "You Do You" (that shows a massive and good work of bass guitar and drums), the 'way-down-nasty-rock-n-roll' way of "Directions", and the tender and nasty insight of "My Head Wants Me Dead". These can said as their best moments on a first hearing, but this album is filled with many layers, so take time for a second time on it (what's easy, because it's hard to resist to it).

THE WILDHEARTS is really up to great things, even after all these decades. So pay attention to "21st Century Love Songs" and enjoy the ride.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"21st Century Love Songs" Track-listing:

1. 21st Century Love Songs
2. Remember These Days
3. Splitter
4. Institutional Submission
5. Sleepaway
6. You Do You
7. Sort Your Fucking Shit Out
8. Directions
9. A Physical Exorcism
10. My Head Wants Me Dead

The Wildhearts Lineup:

Ginger Wildheart - Guitars, Vocals
C. J. Wildheart - Guitars, Vocals
Danny McCormack - Bass, Vocals
Ritch Battersby - Drums

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