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Metal is a form of universal language. In every country of the world, no matter […]
January 26, 2019
The Wandering Ascetic - Crimson album cover

Metal is a form of universal language. In every country of the world, no matter the difficulties that exists, it has a band playing Metal (maybe in the most underground or inadequate ways the fans could think about). Singapore is showing its potential since some years, and now, one more name comes from the country: THE WANDERING ASCETIC, with the release of their first album, "Crimson".

Their musical work is based on a traditional insight on Thrash/Black Metal, invoking influences from names from old school as SODOM (from "Obsessed by Cruelty" and "Persecution Mania" ages) and MAYHEM, and even some touches from Germanic Thrash Metal from the 80's, but using slower tempos. Of course, it needs more maturing before becoming something astonishing, but they bear very good instrumental arrangements, good vocals and all the aggressive elements they need (even some nasty melodies, as those on "The Good Bleed!"), and that sharp and aggressive energy that an extreme Metal fan will love. The sound quality of the album really is disappointing. No, you can understand clearly what they play, but the crude approach used is beyond what they really need, with raw tunes on the musical instruments that don't make them sound organic, but dirty in a way that isn't what their music needs.

There are 10 very good songs waiting for the fans, but "I Sing the Body Electric" with its slower tempos and solid work on bass guitar and drums), the nasty and abrasive atmosphere of "The Exorcism of Mrs. Doe", the sharp guitar riffs and the morbid scent of "The Gods Bleed!", the catchy outfit of "The Will to Live", and "Assassins" with its funereal melodies are the best ones on the album. A better sound quality and some evolution will bring THE WANDERING ASCETIC to another level, where they can face to face the giants of the genre. Yes, they have potential to do such a thing.

8 / 10









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"Crimson" Track-listing:

1. Eva Braun
2. I Sing the Body Electric
3. The Exorcism of Mrs. Doe
4. The Gods Bleed!
5. Beast of Burden
6. The Will to Live
7. To Hell, Back and to Hell Again
8. Here for the Good Things
9. Assassins
10. Orang Laut

The Wandering Ascetic Lineup:

Kathi - Guitars, Vocals
V. Vinz Vinod - Lead Guitars
Jay - Bass
Kannan K. - Drums

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