Light That Fire

The Torch

In terms of Metal music, the city of Seattle in the end of the 80's […]
February 7, 2015
The Torch - Light That Fire album cover

In terms of Metal music, the city of Seattle in the end of the 80's and on the first half of the 90's gave to the world bands that changed the rules of the game on that time. Explaining: the model of Metal on the second half of the 80's on USA was based upon Californian Hard Rock (or Hair Metal, Glam Metal or whatever you want to call it. It the way bands like RATT, MOTLEY CRUE, POISON and others did), and then, when METALLICA set new rules and shared space with them, Thrash Metal bands came to their most prominent time. But on 1991, the entire thing came to a fast end, due the coming of Grunge and Alternative Music as a whole. But as I told before, it was very good, not only to settle things that weren't on their due places, but to show the world new ways of making Metal. And following that same way of making music, we have the Swedish quartet THE TORCH coming with their album "Light That Fire".

The band follows the same style from bands like ALICE IN CHAINS, SOUNDGARDEN and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, or speaking frankly with you all: that same Metal format with touches from 60's and 70's with a more melodic insight. But in their case, it's more direct and aggressive, and somewhat nasty. Here, only vocals, guitars, bass and drums, not some bluesy or groove, just Metal, with a more polite sound quality. But don't worry: the catching melodies are present in a handful of good songs, with good choruses and all that you want.

They got a good quality in terms of sound. It's clean, so no problem to understand who is playing the accords and notes, but has the rawness and filthy necessary for a heavy sound the way a Metal band must be.
There are ten good songs on this work, all of in a tasteful level of weight and melody. But you can start to hear the album by songs like "Riding" (a tasteful Hard'n'Grunge song, with very good vocals and riffs), the hooking "Black Gold", and "Light That Fire".

Good first coming, guys, but your potential is greater than we hear here.

7 / 10


"Light That Fire" Track-listing:

1. Riding
2. Better Days
3. Black Gold
4. Shadow of the Sun
5. Signs in the Sky
6. Light That Fire
7. Nature of the Beast
8. Not Alone
9. Save Me
10. Until the End

The Torch Lineup:

Martin Söderqvist - Vocals
Per Romvall - Guitars
Eric Olausson - Bass
Andreas Heleander - Drums

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