The OddEven

Are you ready for this new sensation into Alternative Metal? So dive into this album!
January 24, 2024

What some depict as Stoner Rock or Alternative Metal today isn’t anything more than the use of influences linked to the 60s and 70s Hard Rock expressions mixed with some Punk Rock dirty appeal and Psychedelic/Progressive Rock influences, what’s heard on Grunge Rock as well. And one of the younger acts on such trend is the quartet THE ODDEVEN. Bearing the influences described above and blending things with some Space Rock influences (something inherited from HAWKWIND), their music bears excellent sets of melodic hooks along with all the traits one can find on Alternative Metal and Stoner Rock tendencies (as some groove elements, and charming melodies inherited from the 90s), but always based on solid instrumental and good vocals.

It has resemblances with acts as MASTODON, SOUNDGARDEN and MONSTER MAGNET, but such names are only references (and not accusing the band of copying their work, please), for the quartet works on a personal way and do it with personality. “Darkness” was produced by Weed and E.T. (the band’s bassist and guitarist, respectively) alongside Frank Marchand at Waterford Digital, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. So with all their efforts, the idea was to give the album an old fashioned and organic sonority, but with a modern definition, what really is depicted by the songs. And the simple artwork of Lola Quinn matches perfectly on the album’s musical ideas.

As the songs play on, one can have a clear idea that the quartet is really on a way to become great in such musical trench. And songs as “Solar Symphony” (a mix between influences inherited from Grunge Rock and Stoner Rock influences that reminds the ways that ALICE IN CHAINS usually uses on the vocals and backing vocals), “Whiskey” (again fine Stoner melodies can be heard in a good mix with Space Rock influences, with very good guitar riffs and solos), “Another Nail” (a more noisy and aggressive song with melodic shards, and with thunderous work on bass guitar and drums), “Home” (another introspective song with fine melodic ambiences and a catchy chorus), “Darkness” (a brutal crushing weight is shown on this one, but always with fine melodies and good vocals) and “100th Monkey” are the best ones for a first ride into the band’s music.

THE ODDEVEN comes in a very good time with “Darkness”, so enjoy the ride!

8 / 10









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"Darkness" Track-listing:
  1. Solar Symphony
  2. Whiskey
  3. You’re Free
  4. Stardust Shadow
  5. Another Nail
  6. Home
  7. Wild West
  8. Darkness
  9. Take Me to Your Leader
  10. 100th Monkey
The OddEven Lineup:

Chris Volz - Vocals
E.T. - Guitars
Weed - Bass
Tosha Jones - Drums

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