Born in Thorns

The 3rd Attempt

Black Metal is a style that has many musical expressions. Yes, because you can find […]
October 30, 2015
The 3rd Attempt - Born in Thorns album cover

Black Metal is a style that has many musical expressions.

Yes, because you can find infinite musical forms into the style: old school, melodic, symphonic, and many others that we would take a long of time to name them all (and a lot of digits on a review). And some names are legends into the style.

If you're a Black Metal fan, "In the Nightside Eclipse" from EMPEROR must be a reference, and CARPATHIAN FOREST can be named as one of the greatest Black Metal underground cults. So, we are speaking of Norway once more, and THE 3RD ATTEMPT really is a good name for you, because Blood Pervertor and Tchort are known for their work both on CARPATHIAN FOREST, and Tchort's work on EMPEROR (he recorded the bass lines on "In The Nightside Eclipse"), so we can say that their first album, "Born in Thorns" was born to fulfill many expectations.

Here, you find that nasty, old and good Black Metal in the same vein of bands like GORGOROTH, CARPATHIAN FOREST and many others. Translating: it's the earlier Norwegian Black Metal, only with a better sound quality than on those romantic times in the beginning of the 90s.

Endre Kirkesola produced the album, and Marius Strand did the mixing and mastering. Of course the result will fulfill many fans wishes, because it allies clearness with aggressiveness and filth from earlier days of SWOBHM done on Norway, being heavy as hell, but you can understand their work with no problems.

In the middle of ten very good songs, I dare to name the fast and furious "Dark Vision" (fast in way that old MAYHEM and GORGOROTH used to play, presenting very catching riffs and good tunes changes on vocals), the mid tempo hymn called "Art of Domination", the slow massacre in form of music called "Born in Thorns" (their best song on the entire album, full of rhythmic changes, where bass and drums are perfect, but with haunting vocals and great keyboard orchestrations reinforcing the somber atmosphere of the song), and the bitter "Firestorm".

I truly hope they aren't just a musical project, but a full time band, because they are really excellent.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Born in Thorns" Track-listing:

1. Torment Nation
2. Dark Vision
3. Art of Domination
4. We Defy
5. Born in Thorns
6. Beast Within
7. Sons of the Winter
8. Nekrogrammaton
9. Firestorm
10. Anti-Self

The 3rd Attempt Lineup:

Ødemark - Vocals
Blood Pervertor - Guitars
Tchort - Guitars, Bass
Tybalt - Drums

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