The Crisis as Condition


A new form of mixing Thrash Metal with Death/Thrash Metal is what is offered by TERMINALIST.
November 18, 2023

During the 80s, the Danish Metal scene was amazing, revealing names as PRETTY MAIDS, KONKHRA, INVOKATOR, MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, ARTILLERY, and many others. But due the lack of press covering in the 90s, the younger names of Denmark were restricted to Europe. Today, thanks to internet, everyone have access to new names into Danish Metal scene once more, and to hear to great releases as “The Crisis as Condition”, of the quartet TERMINALIST. They’re a Thrash Metal act that uses aggressive elements (as some fast blast beats inherited of Death Metal), but even some Thrash/Black Metal features (as heard on the guitars during “The Crisis as Condition”, with some resemblances with SODOM’s age between “Obsessed by Cruelty” and “Persecution Mania”), and charming melodic parts inherited of Heavy Metal as well.

It’s a combination of many different influences, but in a coherent and solid way, full of energy and personality, with a very good technical appeal. It’s the right band for Thrash Metal fans, and even for any other Metal genre’s fans that are just looking for something great to be heard. “The Crisis as Condition” was recorded at Ballade Studios, Copenhagen (the homeland of the band), having the production and mix by Lasse Ballade (who worked on the previous album of the quartet, 2021’s “The Great Acceleration”) while the mastering was done by V. Santura (the guitarist of TRIPTYKON and a known producer as well). The result is a defined and aggressive sound quality that enables anyone to understand what’s being expressed on the songs. In other hand, they did a thing that sound handmade in the ears. And what a great artwork was created by Ryan T. Hancock.

This album is truly charming for every Metal fan that has guts, with seven artifacts of mass destruction. “Life Won’t Last” is a massive torpedo of energy, with fast (and excellent) guitar riffs and intricate arrangements filling the spaces (and what great melodic solos). Even more brutal is the nasty impact of “The Crisis as Condition”, a storm of furious hooks boosted by an excellent technical (and heavy) work of bass guitar and drums (and what great chorus). On “A Future to Weave”, even keeping the fast approach of the previous songs, the guitars are using a more melodic set of arrangements, again spreading massive hooks in every direction. And on “Last Remains”, it shows a tendency into a more melodic side of their music, before exploding into a savage Thrash Metal song with blast beats inherited from Death Metal (and with the harsh vocals fitting perfectly under the instrumental sheath).

Again using a more traditional Thrash Metal speed, “Frenetic Standstill” brings another violent set of Death Metal blast beats entwined by melodic arrangements of the guitars; and “Mutating Fractures” shows some melodic touches inherited of 70s Hard Rock in some moments (what boosts the hooks). And “Move in Strife” is a 10 minutes long song where the quartet shows all its musical possibilities in one single song, so be prepared for excellent contrasts. If you’re a Thrash Metal fan, or even more than this, TERMINALIST is the right band for you, as “The Crisis as Condition” is the album you were looking for. Listen to it and enjoy!

10 / 10









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"The Crisis as Condition" Track-listing:
  1. Life Won’t Last
  2. The Crisis as Condition
  3. A Future to Weave
  4. Last Remains
  5. Frenetic Standstill
  6. Mutating Fractures
  7. Move in Strife
Terminalist Lineup:

Emil Hansen - Vocals, Guitars
Morten R. Bruun - Guitars
Kalle Tiihonen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Frederik Amris - Drums

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