Volume One: Mopras

Tales Of The Tomb

One important lesson when you're dealing with the reviews of albums and EPs: never judge […]
April 15, 2016
Tales Of The Tomb - Volume One: Mopras album cover

One important lesson when you're dealing with the reviews of albums and EPs: never judge one of them by the cape, because you can carry an opinion due the impact of the art on your mind.

One fine example of it is the EP "Volume One: Mopras", from the Canadian quintet TALES OF THE TOMB. They came from Edmonton, Alberta, and are here to put some Death Metal on your brain, and it will be done by force.

Ok, I told above: they are a Death Metal band that is creating a massive and aggressive form of music. But on their three songs, the initial idea of a band with piggish grunts and low tunes is undone. Now, they play in a very aggressive form of Death Metal, with very good melodies appearing here and there, and the band works as a unit, with vocals (harsh, guttural, and even some clean voices), thundering guitars and heavy and technical rhythmic kitchen doing a very good work. And you can hear as they have a strong and bold personality.

The work of Dan Swanö, a sage of productions on extreme Metal styles, is the guy who did the mixing and mastering. Of course, it means that the sound quality of the EP is really very good, using aggressive tunes, with a thundering and aggressive sound quality, but with a clear insight on it. And the artwork is very good, besides we could thing of a band in a more Gore/Grindcore way. But we must say that Tony Midi work on art is really very good.

Their sin is to have only three songs... They are very good, and we deserve more of them.

"Snowtown" is done in a more traditional way in a Death Metal sense, having some good melodic guitars and fine clean vocals in the middle of brutality; on "The Pig Farmer", we hear some Grindcore elements along their Death Metal orientation, but what the rhythmic kitchen is doing is really amazing; and "Dr. Death" is done in a more slow paced way, but their abrasive heavy and aggressive grasp remains the same, showing fine guitars one more.

I really hope they can come back as soon as possible, but with an album this time!<

8 / 10









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"Volume One: Mopras" Track-listing:

1. Snowtown
2. The Pig Farmer
3. Dr. Death

Tales Of The Tomb Lineup:

Connor Adams - Vocals
Tres Thomas - Guitars
Corey Skerlak - Guitars, Vocals
Bryn Herbert - Bass, Vocals
John Thomson - Drums

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