Music can be seriously strange sometimes, and experiment to find something that you're not used […]
October 27, 2018
T-Tops - Disease album cover

Music can be seriously strange sometimes, and experiment to find something that you're not used to hear. Love or hate, it depends how deep is your musical taste. But Noise Rock (a subgenre of Alternative Rock that was in evidence on the 90's) can be a pretty traumatic experience sometimes. And maybe it can be a trap for all those who hear "Disease", the new EP of the Pittsburgh (USA) trio T-TOPS. Something of their abrasive musical groove reminds a lot from old works from the madmen of BUTTHOLE SURFERS, maybe the ruthless melodies that are mixed with the greasy instrumental parts and screamed vocals. But don't get the wrong idea: they are pretty good in their musical work, because there's a soul, a musical personality pulsing on the three tracks of the EP. It's filled with a hooking (and ironic) energy and easy instrumental technique. Be prepared to be hooked!

On the sound quality: you must have in mind that Noise Rock needs to be dirty and blunt sometimes, but never in a way that we can't understand what is being played. And the trio find a fine sound quality for their musical work, balancing both aspects in a very good way, It's noisy and crude, but in a way we can understand what they are paying during all tracks. "Disease" has a fine and easy melodic line, filled with insane screamed vocals and very good guitars in the middle of the noisy chaos (and this is where they seems a lot with the Texan madmen from the 90's I wrote above). The Groove mixes with nasty dirty modern melodies on "Incest", and tribal drums echoes throughout "Mouth for Hate" (with a brutal and heavy work from bass guitar and drums), a song with good harmonies.

Maybe a three-track EP can't be enough to give us a clear idea of what a whole work of a band can be. But "Disease" points that T-TOPS is a new promising name from the genre.

7 / 10









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"Disease" Track-listing:

1. Disease
2. Incest
3. Mouth for Hate

T-Tops Lineup:

Patrick Waters - Guitars, Vocals
Jason Orr - Bass, Vocals
Jason Jouver - Drums

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