Into The Future


Definitively, sometimes my personal luck, or the boss "Steinmetal" wants to kid me. By a […]
April 6, 2015
Symptomen - Into the Future album cover

Definitively, sometimes my personal luck, or the boss "Steinmetal" wants to kid me. By a touch of irony of destiny, "Big Daddy" here, a Brazilian guy as my dear nephews and nieces are used to know, was chosen to review a Brazilian band. And in this case, I am speaking about the quartet SYMPTOMEN, from Tatuí (São Paulo), and the album is their second one, "Into the Future", a fine surprise to me, I must say.

We can say they're into a trend we have actually on the entire world: SYMPTOMEN is another band whose Metal inspirations come from the 80's. It's strong and energetic mix of traditional heavy metal in the veins of NWOBHM with some thrash metal aspects. But instead of being a Dolly clone, they preferred to make the things their own, putting their own soul on their work. And as "Big Daddy" always says, they breathed a fresh life on such eroded style, and their alchemy of good vocals (that can be better in the future with some evolution), excellent guitar duo (both on riffs and solos), a heavy and good rhythmic session got very good results. If you're looking for something really new, a new form of making metal, you'll not find it on this album. But if you're searching for very good songs, of course you find your record!

Very good sound quality, not trying to sound moldy like some clones of 80's metal, with clarity to understand what they're playing, but with a good dose of weight, so here on "Into the Future", you'll for sure hear and understand what they're playing.

10 very good songs are presented on the album, with the best ones being the energetic and fast "Into the Future" (that opens the album and has very good work done by the guitars, keeping excellent riffs and perfect melodies, with a great chorus), the powerful attack with mid tempo called "2 Lives 2 Live" (again with very good riffs and a powerful work on bass and drums), the strong "About to Blow", and "Freedom War". But I must say: feel free to hear and to choose your own favorite songs, don't be lazy, nephews and nieces.

Fine work, my dear compatriots.

8 / 10


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"Into The Future" Track-listing:

1. Into the Future
2. 2 Lives 2 Live
3. About to Blow
4. Payback Time
5. The Eye of the Universe
6. Heavy Metal in Blood
7. The Game
8. Glory Night
9. Freedom War
10. Goodbye

Symptomen Lineup:

Iago Pedroso - Vocals & Guitars
Tiago R. Floyd - Backing Vocals & Guitars
Manassés Procópio - Backing Vocals & Guitars
Ricardo Menezes - Backing Vocals & Drums

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