As many Extreme Metal fans already known, the second half of the 80's was a […]
June 21, 2019
Suspiral - Chasm album cover

As many Extreme Metal fans already known, the second half of the 80's was a decisive time for the sedimentation of Black Metal. Many bands, inspired by VENOM, BATHORY, SARCÓFAGO and HELLHAMMER pioneered an aggressive, filthy and brutal new format of Black Metal (that had a strong influence of earlier Death Metal on it as well) that still has fans today. There as bands that prefers to use this old and rusty insight, as Greek overlords of VARATHRON (for they are pioneers of the genre as well), and some beginners. And Spanish duo SUSPIRIAL is one of them, as "Chasm" is here to show.

This particular musical format works pretty well on their hands, with long and darkened songs that creates a macabre and sinister ambiance (and the use of keyboards parts helps a lot in this aspect). It seems that they know what they're doing, besides to use such long songs demands a better set of rhythmic changes (the tempos are the same for long periods, what can bore the listeners). And the word "seems" used above is right on its sense, because the band committed a great sin using a raw and putrid sound quality for "Chasm". It's really a fuzzy sound mass that isn't enough for the fans to understand what is being played. The guitars are too loud, the bass guitar and drums can be felt, but only this way, and the vocals (guttural tunes) are so low that is hard to comprehend what is being singed. So it's almost impossible make a deeper analysis of this album.

The songs seem to be good. But to make deeper comments on "Crown of Chaos", "Boundless Waters", "Antithesis of Time" and "The Crimson Void" isn't simple. The understanding of such set entangle musical instruments is something that is unusual even for those names from the same musical genre of the past. Sorry, but when things like this happen, it's not a matter of being true or false with musical convictions, but a total misconception of what music is up to: if someone can't understand it, how can this same person enjoy the work? Unfortunately, in these cases, the best for the band to do is to rethink what they stand for.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Chasm" Track-listing:

1. Crown of Chaos
2. Boundless Waters
3. Antithesis of Time
4. The Crimson Void

Suspiral Lineup:

M.S.  - Guitars, Vocals
A.T.  - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

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