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There are moments when Big Daddy here, sits to hear a band for a review, […]
May 10, 2016
Sunless Rise - Unrevealed album cover

There are moments when Big Daddy here, sits to hear a band for a review, and at the first musical notes, you have the clear idea that you'll have a great experience. That was the very first impression that "Unrevealed", from Russian Melodic Death quintet SUNLESS RISE.

Mixing a very good technical level on the musical instruments with a melodic and aggressive form of music, having some modern elements as well, they produce a hooking and violent musical work, full of great rhythmic changes, clean vocals contrasting with aggressive vocal tunes, and very creative insight. In some moments, a good name that serves as a reference is older CHILDREN OF BODOM, but they are far of being a Dolly clone of them. Being clearer the most I can, they aren't a copy at all, they have personality.

Recorded at Sound Way Record Studios, and mixed and mastered at Anthropocide Studios, the result of such hard work is a sound quality that is excellent. All the musical instruments and vocals are sounding clear, with a wise choice for their tunes. So we all can understand clearly what they are playing and what the band wants do with its work.

"Unrevelad" is a conceptual album telling the story of a man that destroyed mankind, and his role on the entire event. So we have another excellent feature on the album.

As their finest moments, I can point to the modern and aggressive "Nothing to Save" with its excellent instrumental work and great guitars (you can feel a Jazz influence on their technique in some moments), the technical thunderbolt called "Ghosts of the Past", with its tender melodies (a song filled with a great rhythmic diversity, and another song where the keyboards are in very good shape), the apocalyptic technical work that "Awakening" shows (very good vocals indeed, with good moments showing the contrast between harsh and clean voices), the clean vocals presented on "Lost Path" (that reminds something presented by BORKNAGAR in some moments), the grandiose and full of broken tempos "Reborn" (and with a tender atmosphere, with a very good work again from fine and clean vocals), and the strong "The Forgiven". But being honest, the whole album is really excellent.

SUNLESS RISE will conquest you, be sure of that.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Unrevealed" Track-listing:

1. Nothing to Save
2. Ghosts of the Past
3. Awakening
4. Lost Path
5. Eidolon
6. Reborn
7. Recovering the Truth
8. The Burnt and the Frozen
9. The Forgiven
10. Sunless Rise

Sunless Rise Lineup:

Kirill Ershov - Vocals
Alex Becker - Guitars
Sergey Shulzhenko - Keyboards
Evgeniy Kasitsyn - Bass
Alexey Mallovsky - Drums

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