Summer Arctic

Summer Arctic

Sometimes, we are tried by the music we are hearing. Yes, because as older you […]
April 15, 2016
Summer Arctic - Summer Arctic album cover

Sometimes, we are tried by the music we are hearing. Yes, because as older you are, you have deep roots, and to open hand from your convictions can be hard for some. It's because some guys and girls can't understand what new bands are trying to do with their music. When you feel that way in front of new Rock or Metal bands, you grew old, and maybe nothing more is left for you. But if you are the ones who can accept the new things, be welcome: you are on Big Daddy's team. And you won't have difficulties to understand works as "Summer Arctic", an EP from Russian band SUMMER ARCTIC.

They are not really something surreal for our senses. It's the old and good Rock'n'Roll done in a clean and accessible way, besides some nasty and aggressive elements are here. Of course that their musical accessibility make them go extremely near of Pop Rock bands, but thanks to their guitar work (played in a loud and hooking way), they will not bring something that can make your stomachs turn in despair. Their music is hooking, accessible and fine, but keeping that rebel feeling that Rock'n'Roll has.

Their sound quality is really clean, to keep their accessibility and to reach a broader public. But they have an energy coming from the essential dirtiness that make their music a bit aggressive, and can become tasteful for those interested on this aspect.

I think that their three songs can make people consume more Vodka and get excited on nights of Moscow (the city from where the band is). Fine vocals (with some aggressive tunes), good work of the guitar (both on riffs and solos), and a good rhythmic work done by bass and drums fill "Lone Invaders" (with nasty aggressive vocals), "When It's Over" (the most accessible of the three, with hooking melodies) and "Color of Goodbye", all of them done with fine chorus and melodic charming parts that are easy to comprehend and absorb. I could take anyone of them as their finest moments, because the level of them is really good.

This is a good work, but I believe that's only a sample of what is waiting for us...<

8 / 10









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"Summer Arctic" Track-listing:

1. Lone Invaders
2. When It's Over
3. Color of Goodbye

Summer Arctic Lineup:

Artem Akmulin - Vocals
Mike Kuznetsov - Guitars
Constantin Rudenko - Bass
Roman Titenstein - Drums

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