Waterloo Teeth

Sugar Horse

Sometimes, musical expressions can be hard to deal with, due the level of experimental insight […]
December 23, 2022
Sugar Horse - Waterloo Teeth album cover

Sometimes, musical expressions can be hard to deal with, due the level of experimental insight used in the creative process that some bands are into. Then, taking this point of view, it's hard to deliver a name for what a band is playing, or in other words, to affix a label to it. It's complicated to some fans and writers as time passed by since the 80's and many became 'slaves-to-the-labels'. It means that hearing many times to "Waterloo Teeth" is something needed to have a clear idea of what the UK quartet SUGAR HORSE is up to with their musical work.

These four songs are expressing many contrasts, because they can be brutal and nasty in one moment (in a tendency similar to modern Metal acts on Metalcore and New Metal), in others are into a Progressive Metal form (what can be heard clearly on "Gutted"), on others moments they dive into Avant-garde traits, and even Industrial Rock/Metal influences can be found (as heard on "Disco Loadout"). It takes time to have a deeper idea of what lies into their musical core, and it seems to be a clear disrespect to the established musical models. It's good, but complex to the mind, so hear to it patiently.

The vocalist Ashley Tubb is the sound engineer, and did the mastering and mixing as well (maybe a try to have creative control on the band's music). All the efforts were done in a way for the songs to bear a sound quality that can fit in every moment that the band creates on its songs. It can be understood deeply in all the aspects. And some guests can be found: Deb Gough, Damien Sayell and Matt Loveridge on the vocals on "Disco Loadout"; Dave Larkin on fretless bass and beef bass, Will Gardner on saxophone, and Paul Tierney on vocals on "Waterloo Teeth"; Kate Davies and Nuala Honan on the vocals, Dan Nightingale, Brady Deeprose and Conor Marshall on the guitars and vocal on "Gutted"; and Adam Devonshire on lead bass, Mike Vennart on the guitars, and Connie Matthews on the vocals "Super Army Soldiers".

"Disco Loadout" sounds a kind of Industrial Metal/Rock intro filled with Modern Metal elements and screamed vocals (due its short time length). On "Waterloo Teeth" the Avant-garde/Progressive Metal influences become clear (due fretless bass guitar parts), with clean choirs and saxophone parts reinforcing the experimental ideas (guarding some similarities with ULVER during the calm moments). On "Gutted", many contrasts can be found between New Metal/Metalcore aggressive parts, but soon deep and melancholic moments appear. And "Super Army Soldiers" brings back some lovely Progressive Rock/Metal influences, with a crescendo of musical weight near the song's end. It's hard to be swallowed, but's very good for those who love the unexpected.

As final words, the same advisement: SUGAR HORSE's work isn't easy to deal with, but for those that are addicted to experimental bands, "Waterloo Teeth" is a very good release.

8 / 10









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"Waterloo Teeth" Track-listing:

1. Disco Loadout
2. Waterloo Teeth
3. Gutted
4. Super Army Soldiers

Sugar Horse Lineup:

Ashley Tubb - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Howarth - Bass, Piano
Jake Healy - Baritone Guitar, Keyboards
Martin Savage - Drums

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