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Suffering Souls

The beginning of so called Melodic Black Metal was in the 90's, when bands like […]
February 9, 2019
Suffering Souls - In Synergy Obscene album cover

The beginning of so called Melodic Black Metal was in the 90's, when bands like ROTTING CHRIST, SATYRICON, EMPEROR and others started to fuse the melodies of traditional Metal with atmospheric elements of Black Metal. And Symphonic Black Metal was built upon this idea, as DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH did by adding keyboards orchestrations to make their music sound pompous. Today, many bands still use the older forms of Symphonic Black Metal. And SUFFERING SOULS, a veteran German one-man band, shows a great musical talent on "In Synergy Obscene".

Filled with some burlesque musical influences on their Symphonic Black Metal way, they show a very good technical work and an ample range of classical elements in the middle of their harsh insight of their musical work. It's brutal and aggressive, but still melodic and grandiose, with some Pagan clean voices in many moments. It's not a new Metal genre being created, but it's personal, showing an identity that pulses on their songs. The sound production of "In Synergy Obscene" is crude, but trying to mix influences from aggressive Black Metal with the symphonic elements. It's not the ideal sound quality for such album (it's raw beyond the right point), but it's good, because everything can be understood without problems. But even on this, the sound we hear on the album fits perfectly on what the band does.

Contrasts between clean and shrieked voices, melodic guitar solos (you can hear them on "Inheritance of Irony"), a solid and technical work from bass guitar and drums on the rhythmic session, and excellent keyboards fill "In Synergy Obscene". But the brutal and symphonic "In Synergy Obscene" (very good symphonic elements adorning the song, with charming and melodic keyboards parts), the contrasts presented on "Inheritance of Irony" (nine minutes of the purest ecstasy, with excellent guitar riffs and solos adorning the melodies), the introspective tempos of "In Death Reborn" (the rhythm is slow, what shows a good work from bass guitar and drums, but the vocals shows beautiful and rich contrast between clean tunes with shrieked ones), the perfect orchestrations of "The Cynic God" (lovely melodies mixed with funereal atmospheres and great vocals once more), and "All You Little Devils" (with very good melodies and rhythmic changes) can be said as the album's finest moments (as it would be easy to point to such a thing on this album).

If you give a chance to "In Synergy Obscene", you won't regret the experience. SUFFERING SOULS in a veteran act that still has a lot to offer, so receive it!

10 / 10









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"In Synergy Obscene" Track-listing:

1. Idolised and Vilified
2. In Synergy Obscene
3. Inheritance of Irony
4. In Death Reborn
5. As the Truth Unfolds
6. The True Endless
7. The Cynic God
8. All You Little Devils
9. Unseen Phenomenon

Suffering Souls Lineup:

Lord Esgaroth - All Instruments, Vocals

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