Tangram Apocalypse

Strike Master

“Tangram Apocalypse” is a mixture of traditional and technical Thrash Metal. It is a great album for Thrash Metal fans
November 24, 2023

STRIKE MASTER hailing from Mexico City were formed in 2005. The Thrash Metal outfit released so far five full-length albums, two EPs, and one live album. Their sixth full-length release “Tangram Apocalypse” was mixed and mastered by Erik Monzonis Azpiroz (LAST BREATH; VALTHEM) at Dark House Studios. The album has a length of about 33 minutes, and it is an independent release.


STRIKE MASTER belong to the well-recognized Thrash Metal bands in Mexico for almost 20 years. Their mixture of traditional and a more technical Thrash style also shines through on the new release, with the opener “Crystallized” starting with pace and aggression, tight guitar riffing, crunching basslines, and harsh vocals around the medium end of the vocal range. The melodies are a mixture of being dark and even epic at times. The devastating riffs throughout the track drive “Crystallized”. The track has been released as video and the YouTube link is provided below. “Here Comes The Incubus” is a mid-tempo track with powerful riffing. The track is a real head-banger, but it also adds complexity to the riffing and to the song textures by switching tempo and rhythm constantly. What had started at mid-tempo, transitioned into a break of crazy speed and back to a stomping and hammering rhythm. “We Die Tonight” starts very direct with tight riffing at blistering pace. The flow of the track becomes a bit disruptive by adding twists in rhythm and technicality in the riffing. At some point, I lost a bit track, but the fast parts sound crushing, and the lead guitar solo is cool. “Lost Within a Compass” seamlessly continues where “We Die Tonight” had left off. The track is a switch between the head-banging verse parts and highly paced parts in between. The riffing switches between direct and powerful riffs and parts that are more complex.


Heavy Metal” is a little bit of a break from the Thrash Metal attack. As the title indicates, it is a track with plenty of traditional Heavy Metal vibes including the catchy riffing at mid-tempo and the sing-along chorus lines. It is one of the tracks, which includes a guest vocalist with Katon de Pena (HIRAX), who provides the classical Heavy Metal voice. Highlight of the track is without doubt the lead guitar solo. “Black To The Future” starts with an extended instrumental part at mid-tempo, before transitioning into a verse part at frantic pace. The riffing during the verse parts is direct and aggressive, while more complexity and technicality is added during the chorus parts and the break. There are no clear distinctions between verse and chorus parts. The lead guitar solo is very contributing and “Black To The Future” is one of the album highlights.Prototype God” is a back and forth of song parts at crazy speed and mid-tempo. The riffing is tight for most parts and at times, it reminds me on early DESTRUCTION. It is the second track with vocal support, and this time, it comes from Andres Vargas (THY ANTICHRIST). The final album track “Save The Fire” is a mid-tempo track with catchy riffing and melodies. It sounds a bit different compared to most album tracks, as it is a straightforward track without any complexity. It ends in a grim melodic guitar outro.


STRIKE MASTER deliver a good Thrash Metal album, it is their first full-length album in six years. “Tangram Apocalypse” is a mixture of traditional and technical Thrash Metal. The combination of the relentless speed and aggression with classical riffs and the more complex technical patterns does not always work to perfection, but it gives the STRIKE MASTER sound its own character. The album is well produced. “Tangram Apocalypse” is a great album for Thrash Metal fans, they will be happy with the new STRIKE MASTER album.

8 / 10









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"Tangram Apocalypse" Track-listing:
  1. Crystallized
  2. Here Comes The Incubus
  3. We Die Tonight
  4. Lost Within a Compass
  5. Heavy Metal
  6. Black To The Future
  7. Prototype God
  8. Save The Fire
Strike Master Lineup:

KMU – Vocals, Guitars

Kospirator – Drums

Walter Kleinert – Bass

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