Secondhand Hero

Street Fighter

Danish Metal and Hard Rock Schools are known for many bands and musicians. Since the […]
August 30, 2023
Street Fighter - Secondhand Hero album cover

Danish Metal and Hard Rock Schools are known for many bands and musicians. Since the coming of names as MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, ARTILLERY, PRETTY MAIDS, L.A. and others paved the way for a complete invasion during the past two decades. And it's great to see that the lands of Denmark keep showing new and excellent acts, as STREET FIGHTER with their album "Seconhand Hero", a mighty blow of energy into the ears! This album could be said as a bearer of Danish Metal, because all the traits of their scene can be heard: a combination of a heavy and abrasive weight in a form that resembles the 80s with a very good dose of 70s Hard Rock, but with a clear personality pulsing on the band's songs.

Of course someone could say that the album isn't delivering something new at all, but it's clear that the band's music shows vitality, life and energy, combining weight and melodies in the due proportions, and creating hooks that turn the experience of listening to the entire album a pleasure for the ears. Yes, it's really good, and you better beware: it's addictive! It seems that the album was produced by Marco Angioni, so it sounds clean and defined as melodic genres of Metal need, but always keeping that essential 'rough' touch to keep things heavy. And this combination made things gain life and weight, without sounding 'mechanical' (what would depict endless digital editions) or empty of life. And as guests to make things even more tasteful, the invited guests are: Rasmus Bom Andersen, Soren Andersen, Michael Catton, Chris Catton, Lars Märker, Michael Bastholm, Michael Hvolgaard Andersen, Martin J. Andersen, Klaus Agerbo and Peter Bruun.

Musically, all the songs of "Secondhand Hero" are excellent, but to have a taste of it, try "The Fall of the Ash" (a typical Danish Heavy Metal song, with a mix between heavier sonority sustaining a melodic set of arrangements, with a bulldozer work of bass guitar and drums), "Deadend City" (a climatic and heavy song with accessible hooks, with excellent vocals), "Queen of the Night" (again a high level of weight on the rhythm supports excellent melodic hooks, with guitars spewing excellent riffs), "Devil in Disguise" (it's impossible to resist to its 80s melodic appeal), "Heartbreak Ritual" (with excellent and evident female voices contrasting with the heavy appeal of the instrumental parts) and "Nordic Noise" (a homage to the Danish Heavy Metal festival of the same name) are the right ones.

"Secondhand Hero" is really an impressive work, and I hope that STREET FIGHTER can keep its fight for Metal!

10 / 10









"Secondhand Hero" Track-listing:

1. The Fall of the Ash
2. Deadend City
3. Black Potion
4. Queen of the Night
5. Devil in Disguise
6. Heartbreak Ritual
7. Sister Moon
8. Nordic Noise

Street Fighter Lineup:

Stefan Jensen - Vocals
Sofia Schmidt - Vocals
Marco Angioni - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Anders Peter Bruun - Bass
Klaus Agerbo - Drums

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