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Well, as I told you all time and time again, the Italy Metal scene was […]
December 30, 2015
Straight To Pain - Earthless album cover

Well, as I told you all time and time again, the Italy Metal scene was known in the 80s due to some extreme Metal bands as BULLDOZER, but in the 90s, came the Symphonic Power Metal wave with RHAPSODY OF FIRE, VISION DIVINE and others, and names on Black Metal like HANDFUL OF HATE, OPERA IX, MALFEITOR and many others. And actually, the country is presenting a good equilibrium between aggressive extreme Metal bands with some in a traditional and melodic trend. And even some bands with a modern orientation, as STRAIGHT TO PAIN, that comes with their EP "Earthless".

Here, you have a modern and powerful mix between Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore with some influences from modern Groove Metal. It's heavy, abrasive and technical in the due proportions, and besides this musical formula was used many times before, they are really a good band, using a very good vocal work (using many tunes in all songs), extreme strong guitar riffs, and a technical and heavy rhythmic session. Nothing new, but always good.

Their production gave the band's music a good sound quality that allied in a good way, their aggressiveness with good weight and a wise clearness. It needs to be this way, of course, and sometimes is very difficult to balance these elements as we can hear on this EP.

"Everything Dies" is very aggressive, opening the EP in a good shape, presenting technical and good riffs along with a modern and strong rhythm. On "Roots of Desperation", the mix between brutal moments, with a tempo in mid speed, helps the song's assimilation by our senses, due the good work done on guitars and vocals. "No One Left to Save" is a bit slower, but extremely intense, and some melodies flows from the guitars, along with a technical and good work from bass and drums once more. On "Whisper of War", another piece of aggressiveness along a hooking tempo, very good riffs once more, along with good vocals. And closing the work, comes "Let It Burn", a deeper and introspective song, even using aggressive melodies.

A good work, and a good promise to the future.<

7 / 10


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"Earthless" Track-listing:

1. Everything Dies
2. Roots of Desperation
3. No One Left to Save
4. Whisper of War
5. Let It Burn

Straight To Pain Lineup:

Simone Luise - Vocals
Nicolò Varaldo - Guitars
Marco Salvadori - Bass
Stefano Ravera - Drums

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