Get Selfied

Stop, Stop!

In the 80's, Glam Metal was fragmented in many subgenres, and the things about scandals […]
June 14, 2019

In the 80's, Glam Metal was fragmented in many subgenres, and the things about scandals were extremely usual. It's no use to say one or another, because the severity of the scandals could only be surpassed by the high quality level of the music itself. That's why the SJW and extremists like them would never became Metalheads during those days, because none would give them a buck due the sexual abuse, the dirty jokes with homosexuality, or even the heavy bullying over those who weren't fit on the scene. But those days are over, besides the music still lives on bands as the trio STOP, STOP! That bounds together members from Spain and Bulgaria, and unleash a nasty and melodic form of music with "Get Selfied".

Their music is really melodic and with that feline aggressiveness of bands like MOTLEY CRUE, W.A.S.P., TWISTED SISTER and SKID ROW, and other who mixed excellent melodies that can be easily understood with a nasty approach. And these guys really know how to build great songs, with a strong instrumental basis, along with very good vocals, great choruses... Well, everything is its due place, and their work is amazing. On the sound quality, everything works in a very good way. The instrumental tunes are very good (trying to be as simple as it's possible), the level of clarity is high (everything can be understood without problems), but it's heavy and with that essential dose of distortion to sound aggressive, with an Sleazy Rock roughness presented as well. Though it's not perfect, it's very good.

Musically, "Get Selfied" is really a very good work, that kind of album that the fans hear once and become in love with it. And as the best ones, "Renegade" with its amazing energy (and excellent chorus, with vocals and backing vocals doing a very good work), the mix between aggressive modern melodies with Old School Hard/Glam outfit of "The Last Call" (very good guitar riffs and solos), the glitter and spandex ambiance of "One the Red Line" (this rhythm can hypnotize the fans easily, what shows that bass guitar and drums works on high performance), the abrasive groove of "Living a Lie" (one of the most accessible songs of the album), the mix between Glam Melodies with the nasty outfit of Sleazy Rock of "Whiner Doll", and the funny and catchy "You're Rock & Roll" are the ones for the first hearing.

"Get Selfied" is a very good album, and will conquer more fans for STOP, STOP! for sure!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Get Selfied" Track-listing:

1. Renegade
2. The Last Call
3. Bite the Bully
4. One the Red Line
5. Living a Lie
6. You Drive Me Loco
7. Keyboard Warrior
8. Whiner Doll
9. Son of a Beast
10. Have It
11. Trending Topic
12. You're Rock & Roll

Stop, Stop! Lineup:

Jacob A.M. - Vocals, Bass
Vega - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Danny Spasov - Drums, Backing Vocals

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