Through Time


Today, there's something smelling great in the reign of Denmark (sorry, Shakespeare, but the joke […]
May 11, 2023
StillSkin - Through Time album cover

Today, there's something smelling great in the reign of Denmark (sorry, Shakespeare, but the joke is so good), because the country is boiling with excellent new names, showing that after a long winter, a winter that reign since the end of the 80's, things are not warming up there, but are truly on fire! Yes, because new promising names are rising each day, and now it's time for the quintet STILLSKIN to show its talons with "Through Time". The band presents a work based on a wide range of Rock genres as musical influences (not staying on Metal or Hard Rock), and from the past to the present, so it sounds fresh, new and full of energy, but as well with a clear organic and raw feeling. The band's music is filled with charming and hooking melodies that are hard to resist to (the experience of hearing to "A Place Where Anything Can Happen" can be a fine example, because its hooks and appeal are really hypnotic to the senses), has a very good technical level (nothing exaggerated, but nothing simplistic as well), a clear accessible appeal (that is part of their music).

Let's try to describe things a bit more: try to mix the accessible and elegant appeal of WHITESNAKE during "Whitesnake" (the white album released back on 1987) with the modern melodic vibe of acts as EVANESCENCE. For such a musical work, things must sound in an easy form (without endless digital editions, with the simplest instrumental tunes possible), but caring to bear an elegant outfit. These words describe clearly what's offered on "Through Time" sound quality, so the listeners will have a high level sonority for a high level album.

Yes, one can say that this quintet seems to be born mature (before this album, they have a self-titled EP), with a high level of quality on its songs. And for a first time on "Through Times", the tips are "Destination Unknown" (a typical accessible song based on catchy melodies and excellent guitar riffs and arrangements), "A Place Where Anything Can Happen" (a classic mix between Hard Rock and Pop Rock influences, with a remarkable chorus and great vocals), "Broken" (a tender and accessible song with the elegant AOR touch of the 80's, but with a clear melancholic touch), "Rise Again" (this one shows and abrasive set of heavy moments contrasting with tender and melodic parts, something usual on modern tendencies, but always keeping the melodic appeal of the band's musical core), "Run Away" (some modern touches are clear, but the catchy melodies are omnipresent, and what good guitar solo), "Lesson Learned" (a heavier song, with a hooking and savage energy, based on some very good rhythmic contrasts created by bass guitar and drums, and another great chorus can be heard), and "Finally Breathing". If you're not lazy, listen to the entire album for the sake of your own ears!

"Through Times" is really a great release to hear, and I hope STILLSKIN can stay active and reach success as soon as possible!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Through Time" Track-listing:

1. Destination Unknown
2. A Place Where Anything Can Happen
3. Broken
4. Rise Again
5. High Roller
6. Run Away
7. Lesson Learned
8. Comfort or Freedom
9. Finally Breathing
10. Long Ago

StillSkin Lineup:

Bonnie Jones - Vocals
Michael Kristensen - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jacob Maribo - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ricko Hougaard - Bass, Backing Vocals
Claus Bagge - Drums

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