Strain of Gods


There times when to keep going is hard for anyone, even for a Metal band. […]
March 4, 2022
Stillbirth - Strain of Gods album cover

There times when to keep going is hard for anyone, even for a Metal band. To deal with the loss of a member is something that can implode a band (remember the example of LED ZEPPELIN), and in other times, the reason to keep going is not merely based on a professional decision, but as an homage done to the one who's gone (the case of METALLICA is a fine example of this). And maybe the EP "Strain of God" of the German quintet STILLBIRTH is a kind of statement that they'll keep on.

This EP shows a work based on a form of music that mixes 65% of Brutal Death Metal with 35% of influences from Deathcore and modern Death Metal ways. It's brutal and nasty, but with some technical improvements and the low grunts that are usual for both Brutal Death Metal and Deathcore. Be prepared, because the songs are filled with the aggressive hooks expected from Death Metal subgenres and an amazing energy. The sonority of the songs is modern and defined (what improves the modern Death Metal influences' presence), so one is able to understand what the band is playing. But the aggressiveness that is heard can tear some ears to shreds in many ways. It means that the torture of the eardrums is guaranteed!

"Ultimum Exitium" is a massive attack of Brutal Death Metal with the rhythmic elements modern tendencies (pay some attention to the onslaught from bass guitar and drums), as on "Surfers Paradise" the balance between the elements if 50%-50% (and what insane guitars can be heard). "Double Fire Double Fun" shows a slower rhythmic approach (and what ferocious guitars), and "Skinned by the Sun" make things fast and aggressive once more (with a very good exhibition of the grunted voices). Some excellent guitar solos (with clear influence from Southern Rock) can be heard on "You Can't Kill Us" (a wall of massive guitar riffs supports the aggressiveness of the song), and "Strain of Gods" is a brutal attack, with contrasts between fast and slow parts (what means that bass guitar and drums are working in an excellent way), and with some clean Jazz moments near its end. It's a massacre made album here!

This EP can be said a homage to their bassist Dominik "Pumpa" König, who passed away last year. So let's hope that STILLBIRTH can keep on, because "Strain of Gods" is a good release.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Strain of Gods" Track-listing:

1. Ultimum Exitium
2. Surfers Paradise
3. Double Fire Double Fun
4. Skinned by the Sun
5. You Can't Kill Us
6. Strain of Gods

Stillbirth Lineup:

Lukas Swiaczny - Vocals
Jens Strack - Guitars
Leonard Thoma - Guitars
Lukas Kaminski - Bass
Dominik "Pumpa" König - Bass
Martin Grupe - Drums

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