The Silver Skull Legend

Steve Saluto

Well, solo albums are, sometimes, boring. Especially when we are dealing with a solo album […]
March 15, 2015
Steve Saluto - The Silver Skull Legend album cover

Well, solo albums are, sometimes, boring. Especially when we are dealing with a solo album of a guitarist, for some of them are exclusively instrumental, an ego exercise that can bore a lot each music listeners, the ones who aren't interested in learn to play any musical instrument or have patience to deal with a musical god complex that some wants to feed with music full of technique, but without a soul. But Steve Saluto, an Italian guitar player, musical producer, sound engineer, and a music fan, really creates music in great form on the EP "The Silver Skull Legend".

First of all, it's far away from musical indulgence that some musicians are drowned until their hairs. Here, the approach is simple and humble, but in a music full of inspiration, with a soul shaped in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul Music and North American Southern Rock. Ok, I understand some of you, my dear readers, can complain about that, but aren't these styles the ones that forms the core of Metal? So, don't care about labels, and just give a listening here. You'll be hooked for sure, due the musical quality!

The sound quality is perfect, clean to the point you'll hear each musical arrangement clear and with no difficulty at all, but in a shape that can seduce every one that is tired of limitations given by labels. But of course it's not a musical super production, for that would damage the main target: to play music uncompromised, but full of tasteful bluesy feeling.

Of course the main instrument is the guitar, but both riffs and solos are not done to some exhibition, but the guitars just are playing what is needed. And if you're a truly musician, you have clear in your mind what I'm trying to say.

"Take Me Home (the Return)" has a Blues Rock/Soul core extremely evident, and very good musical arrangements and great vocals. "Doing You Again" has a Rock/Pop view, but again the Bluesy shape fits the song preciously, with very good drums and bass guitar's presence. On "My Wish", some heavier influences arise, but of course it's due the Blues influence that is flowing from the speakers. And a beauty and Bluesy ballad, "Frozen", closes this EP, warming our hearts and minds, the kind of music you want to hear after a heavy duty day.

Again: it's not Metal music at all, but it's very good.

8 / 10


"The Silver Skull Legend" Track-listing:

1. Take Me Home (the Return)
2. Doing You Again
3. My Wish
4. Frozen

Steve Saluto Lineup:

Steve Saluto

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