Wrath Of Mind

Statik Majik

The power trio STATIK MAJIK is a veteran from Rio de Janeiro Metal scene, with […]
November 12, 2013
Statik Majik - Wrath Of Mind album cover

The power trio STATIK MAJIK is a veteran from Rio de Janeiro Metal scene, with more than 10 years of experience, and now, they come with their new album, their second coming called "Wrath of Mind".

Before saying anything more, I must say that the label "Stoner Metal" doesn't reflect the amplitude of their music, so, throw away all conceptions, and drown in their music, that hooking, charming, and heavy as Hell. The vocals are fine, going from melodic tunes to more aggressive ones (no guttural or harsh, just natural voice), the guitar riffs are powerful and pretty hooky, as the solos are melodic (in some aspects, reminds the school of Randy Rhoads with something from Tony Iommi), bass with good technique and drums heavy and strong in tempos changes. And for sure, you'll be catch by their work if you hear!

With Renato Tribuzy (Who had the help from Arnoud and Bruno Taborda in sound engineering, and he did some backing vocals as well), and recorded at HR Studios, with Flávio Pascarillo doing the sound production and engineering for drums, and the mixing and mastering being done by Alex Macedo at Fullsound studios, the band's music flows spontaneously, with life and lots of energy leaving the speakers.

The artwork, done by André Guimarães S. is fine, being simple and not something too extravagant, but beautiful and efficient.

Their music now is mature, strong and with charming melodies, without losing their heavy grasp, and the album highlights are: "God in the Mirror" (a hooky song, with some touches of pure Rock'n'Roll, riffs excellent guitar riffs), the melodious and heavy "Between 4 Walls", "Drowning in Despair" (one of the band's hits, a sample how the vocals and bass work got and improvement, and it's their video song for the album), the almost Country music "Rememberance" (with clean guitar accords, a great work from the special guest Bebeto Daroz, from POSSESSONICA, and a great drum work, being heavy without tearing apart the more dense and calm atmosphere of the song), and the rock in the face "Utopia Sunrise" (who has an acoustic and beautiful version in their EP "Acid Reign").

They've played some dates on Europe, so hope some of you could see their power. By now, the CD is perfect, a masterpiece.

10 / 10


"Wrath Of Mind" Track-listing:

1. God in the Mirror
2. Between 4 Walls
3. Slaves of Greed
4. Acid Reign
5. Drowning in Despair
6. Remembrance
7. Paradox of Self-Existance
8. Nothing Left to Admire
9. Utopia Sunrise

Statik Majik Lineup:

Thiago Velásquez - Vocals, bass
Thiago D'Lopes - Guitars
Luiz Carlos - Drums

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