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One problem that resides within this trend of Old School Metal genres that took over […]
January 9, 2021
Stalker - Black Majik Terror album cover

One problem that resides within this trend of Old School Metal genres that took over the world is when the bands forget that you can't be another one that already make something like that in the past. And some bands with a great musical potential can be lost on such tsunami, as the trio STALKER, from New Zealand. Their second full length, "Black Majik Terror" has some points that needs a fix.

Their music is based on the Speed Metal format that was used in the first half of the 80's. It's the same one used by names as CROSSFIRE, IRON ANGEL and RAVEN, but with some touches of NWOBHM as well (what is natural for the genre, you know). And the band have guts and potential to become a leading force on the genre, because their ability to breed something relevant is great, but some adjustments must be done as soon as possible: a second guitar to give them a heavier approach, and to improve the vocals on the screams (they're not bad, but could be better).

The production is where their main problem resides. The sonority seems like being done with a 16-track device, what turns the instrumental tunes poorer. One more time: to sound organic and simple doesn't mean to be so crude (but I'm not saying that the band must have a modern greasy sonority as Modern Metal bands uses as well). It's a matter of trying something as BURNING WITCHES and ENFORCER are doing on their latest releases.

Musically, they're pretty good, but it seems that they're still maturing. It's what "Of Steel and Fire" (a fast and melodic song with excellent guitars), "Black Majik Terror" (another fast attack of guitar riffs with great melodies), "Stalker" (a great and catchy song, the low tunes of the vocals are really excellent, and the contrasts with some high tunes are very good, except on the extreme high pitches), "Holocene's End" (a heavy song with a slower approach, with a good and heavy work from bass guitar and drums, and where the high pitches are fitting better, with some clear influences from MERCYFUL FATE on guitars), "The Cross", and "Intruder" show. But these three speed freaks have more to show.

Of course, STALKER will surprise many people in the future, because they're very good in their musical work. And although "Black Majik Terror" isn't their best (again: they're not using their musical potential at its peak on the album), it's a good release that shows a band that can bring a new life for the genre. And I want a physical copy of it for sure!

8 / 10









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"Black Majik Terror" Track-listing:

1. Of Steel and Fire
2. Black Majik Terror
3. Sentenced to Death
4. Stalker
5. Holocene's End
6. Demolition
7. The Cross
8. Iron Genocide
9. Intruder

Stalker Lineup:

Daif - Bass, Vocals
Chris - Guitars
Nick - Drums

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